how to shingle a 5/12 pitch roof?


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I have a 5/12 pitch on my garage roof and I find it pretty hard to get around on without slipping and losing my footing. Do you have any suggestions how to get this felted and shingled without slipping? I would greatly appreciate any help you can give me.
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Hmmm? I don't understand why you would be losing your footing and slipping on a 5:12. I can still stay upright on an 8:12 most of the time.

Are you sure it's a 5:12? If you are sure and you are having problems staying on, then the felt probably won't help you stay on much easier. You may need to hire someone who is more stable on a roof.

No offense, but a 5:12 is a relatively shallow pitch. It is favored because things DON'T slide off very easily.

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no offense, but I 'm not hiring someone to do a job we can do if I could only get some help. I need to know if ther are any boards we could affix so that we didn't slide so much, or something like that. Another question : What side of the felt goes down? The plain orthe one with lines.
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You need roof jacks. That is what is used to keep things from sliding. I know you probably have them. You will need a minimum of 6 jacks, 8 would be better. Also 8' 2x6's for the jacks. No, you can't rent them, you have to buy them. You put the felt with the lines up. These are your shingling guides. Make sure you put the felt on straight. Use 30lb felt. Use 1 1/2" nails. Make sure you put your starter strip on first and the right way. Also your drip caps and gutter guard go on first. Good Luck.

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Thanks Jack, that is exactly the information that I needed. It will be a great help in the days to come when we finish the roofing project.
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If your slipping on 5/12 pitch it may be due to the type of shoes your wearing or you have a different pitch roof. Hard plastic bottoms on your shoes are bad and can create this problem, buy a good non-slip pair of shoes with medium tread depth, the tread should also be at least 1/8" wide. Non-slip shoes have a soft rubber bottom that grabs.
The tread needs to be open enough to allow the shoes to grip through dirt and saw dust on a roof.
Also keep the roof clean of such debris, we use a gas leaf blower to clean the saw dust and dirt off the roof, a push broom will work just as good.
always knock the dirt off your shoes before stepping onto the roof.
If you haven't removed the shingles yet your probably also slipping on the granials from the shingles. Older roofs have alot of loose granials from the wear of the shingles. A leaf blower works well here too. Good shoes make a big diference here too. Always start at the top and work down with the broom or leaf blower.
Can't say it enough keep your roof clean, when you go to tear off start at a bottom corner and work up. You'll get bigger peices at one time this way and its easier to keep the area your walking on clean. When you lay the felt start at the bottom and work up make sure you nail the middle about every two feet and nail the laps good. Do not walk on the top half of the felt once layed it has a tendancy of pulling out under weight.
Lay the shingles from the bottom to the top..
General rule; rain travels downward.
In roofing everything starts below and ends at top. Hope this helps and I don't sound like I'm messing with you... I just don't know how much you know or don't know...
Trying to make it simple,
Good luck,

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