Installing Asphalt Shingles

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I'm getting ready to install shingles on a storage shed in our back yard. Each side of the roof is 32' long by 16' eve -to-ridge.

My problem is that the roof is one to two inches out of square.

What is the best way to align the shingles?

It seems that I'll get the best appearance if I align all courses parallel with the eve, letting the gable ends hang wild until trimming them even after everything is installed.

Any other thoughts??
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Little difficult to place where the out of square function is. I assume the roof edges at the sides don't run true.

There is a method of starting in the center of the roof and then trimming the over hang at each end.

That would seem the best method. You would not tend to drift in placement due to the out of square alignment as you work your way up to the peak.

Some shingle bundles show this method. If they don't it is measure to center. Snap a chalk line reference line to show this centerline reference point to the peak. This is the line that all courses reference too, not the left edge as normal. You must get this line pumb and true.

Start course on the center reference line, work to right, move up, shift one tab right, work to right, etc. Then starting at bottom work to left. Works best with larger crew or if you have plenty of time or don't have to move staging, ladders, etc around to much.

Using that method you can trim each course on both sides as per normal using the edging as your guide. Your alignment is reference to the center

If it all doesn't make sense exactly from this description dry try the idea with a few shingles and it should be easy to pick up what you are doing.

Hope this helps.


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