3" Round Downspout

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What can I do when old, 3" metal downspout needs to be replaced? Is there a way to attach new 2x3 downspout to the old gutter outlet? Thanks!
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Normally the standard 2 x 3 drainpipe will fit the old gooseneck connection in the gutter outlet. Just a test try to see.

If it does not, look in the yellow pages for folks who sell seamless gutters. These are the folks who have trucks and come around to make up new long seamless metal gutters for the building trades.

They also carry just about every fitting in many colors for every purpose. Call or visit their shop.

A good tip for you.

These folks are cheaper to buy all your products for this purpose including all your drainpipes. They offer a far larger choice of colors than your local building supply houses like Home Depot.

They specialize. One of my local suppliers offer like 16 colors in everything or they can get it, price 50% - 75% the normal retail price. And they deliver larger orders free.

Also they are a source for the back mounted type holding clips to secure drainpipes instead of those rap around bands sold at the retails houses that allow the drainpipes to slip all the time.

These mount from the back as a clip with pop rivits or screws. Have them show you how to do it. It is dealing with the real pro's like the trademen do.

Best of luck

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