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I am currently prepping (removing moss) my single layer roof to add another layer. Should I retreat for moss before I put down the next layer?

I have been doing a lot of reading about reroofing but had not heard of putting roof seal for three feet up the roof (per comments on a previous question). Would this be under the felt layer?

I am also planning stripping away old roof at the edges and placing 1x6 boards at the edges with new flashing and drip edge.

I have also read previous comments about replacing vents before they fail. Is it a good idea to replace the vents as a matter of course?

Any comments welcomed!
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First, check with your local building dept. and see if it's legal to add a second layer of roofing over the original. As far as prep, I would simply strip the roof off to the sheathing and start there. The drip edging is a good idea, but why the 1X6's? (Unless these are your facia boards!) And which vents are you talking about? There are soffit vents (between the rafter tails), gable vents (on the gable walls), roof mounted turbines, roof mounted mushroom vents, ridge vents,...
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I would strip off all your old shingles instead of adding another layer over them.
Roof seal comes in a roll, about 3' wide, sticky on one side and goes down on your roof sheeting, around all edges. It stops water,backing up under the shingles from plugged gutters, ice, snow etc. Great stuff.
On tough roofs, we cover the entire roof with it. No, no felt on roof seal.
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The 1x6's were recommended in one book that I checked. They said to cut back the old roofing at the edges and put down 1x6's in the cut off area. It does make more sense to just tear the whole roof down to the sheathing and go from there. I found short shovels with curved forks on them for the removal job. Any other good removal ideas?

I just have vents in the soffits with square looking vents near the top of the roof. When I tear everything off it will be fairly easy to just replace the top vents. I found some today that are clear plastic for a faux skylight effect in the attic.

Thanks for the hints. I will look for the roof seal and learn how to use it.

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