Gutters & Roofline Offset?

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Gutters & Roofline Offset?

Hello and as a reminder; Bought a fixer-upper and with the help of these forums, I am currently fixing-up;

According to the stats, monsoon season begins in a couple of weeks, so I've turned my attention to the waterproofing and rain diversion issues which has brought me around to installing the gutters; This has presented a logistical problem and I am sure I'm not the first to face this question, so I am turning to the experts of this forum for any advice or suggestions;

An offset in the roofline has caused me pause to try and figure-out a workaround; Above the kitchen door, the roof juts-out 16" and the pitch is continued. The bulk of that side is east of the door, but there is 7' on the west and there is nothing at either end to tie into as way of making the southern gutter an extension of one of the ends, nor are there any kind of posts holding-up the offset which would give me an easy path downward..

Can anyone think of an economical and/or aesthetically-pleasing way to address the issue? Just looking at it, I'd really hate to affix a downspout just for the small, 7' section; And, the few other houses in town who have gutters, primarily have them hap-hazardly snaked around, so I consider them kind of interesting to look at, but because I am shooting for resale value, I don't know that I would consider them a plus...

Once again, according to the stats; We get on average, 9" of rain a year with about half coming during the three-month monsoon season; But, we should've got 1 and athird inches last month and we only received .11". So, they are talking about a multi-decade drought comparable to the one experienced in the 16th century...

Thanks in Advance;
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You will have two gutters. One on each side of your door. Each will slope away from your door. Many times you have to put up a gutter for only a 3' section. With only 9" of rain a year, which is absolutely nothing in terms of rain, I would probably not even bother putting a piece of gutter over the kitchen door. I can also tell you one thing, and that is that the buyer of your house is not going to be concerned on how your gutter looks. Fact of life. Good Luck
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Hey is the home cool????? When you dont have much rain Why the gutters??? Lots of time here we put up whats called a yankee gutter on the roof just over the doors. You just ben like a L 3" x 2" the with of the roof there over the door and put it on the roof just 1 shingle up from the edge this way you can walk out the door and not have all that water come down on you when it does rain. ED

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