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Over the past three years, approximately nine waterspots have appeared on the ceilings of three rooms. Some of them seem to have gotten larger over time. My husband got up on the roof to make sure the shingles were all nailed down. He could not find any that needed nailed down. I think there's attic over most of the house. Any idea what our problem might be? Thank you for your time.
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Re: waterspots

Can you get into the attic?
If so, try to find the water spots "underneath" the roof. See if you can see where the water is coming in at from the attic.

I checked a "leaky roof" once. We looked in the attic and there were NO places underneath the roof where water was coming in. He kept his attic cool and the A/C pipes were not insulated. Everytime it rained, the moisture would get into the attic and condensate on the uninsulated pipes. Then it would drip down to the ceiling. The homeowner was convinced that the roof was the problem and he replaced it. And he STILL had the problem.

Check to see where the water is coming in from the attic and we go from there.
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Unhappy Leaky Roof!!

I spotted a waterspot in the ceiling several days ago, and after going into the attic and checking a few times, couldn't quite figure out where it was coming from. After a rain, I thought I spotted where it was at least dropping from, and circled it with a Sharpie.

Well, today we've had quite a bit of rain, so went back up and found exactly where it was coming from.

Here are some photos of how it appears to be coming straight through the roof ply!! I drew some arrows and asterisks today when I saw exactly where it was coming from. leaky roof
Edit: URL doesn't seem to be coming through, but here it is:

Some history: We had a REALLY wet spring and early summer, and didn't spot any ceiling spots then (bought house in March). But then a few months ago we had a satellite dish installed, and I was sure it was going to be the culprit. Only problem is that the dish is about 10 feet up and 3 feet sideways from where this water's coming in. I know water can be tricky, could it be getting under the tar paper at the dish and following the (very steep) pitch down to where it's coming in as shown on the photos?!?

I haven't gotten up to the roof to check it out just yet (still need to get a taller ladder and a bit nervous about the steep pitch to be honest), but not even sure how I'll be able to pinpoint the location. Measurements from below?

Any help appreciated.

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Water can thread an elusive path through and under and along things before it finally drops to the ceiling and makes a spot.

If the dish is the only change that preceded this water, I would jump on it as the culprit and make sure it is sealed.
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On the ceilings take a pencil and trace the outline of these water spots. I swear if you stare at a water spot on a ceiling you can see it growing, but it's optical. You've nothing to guage with. Mark some spots and you will know if it's growing.

If you can get in the attic this will tell you where the water is originating from. Water follow the path of least resistance and has a tendancy to roll down the framing and collecting at a low point.

Condensation can be a problem too. Are your bathroom and kitchen vents will vent humidity into the attic which collects and looks like a leak.

If you are having this ammount of leaking, maybe it's time for a whole new roof.

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