skylight removal and roof repair

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Angry skylight removal and roof repair

Our skylights were leaking so we had a new, professionally installed shingle roof put on with care to that area. The skylights are still leaking so we will have to have them removed. We were wondering how to replace internal shingles. My husband has done shingle roofs and would like to do this work himself. We realize having professionals come in will be another huge financial hit that we can't afford now.
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A common misconception is "My skylight is leaking" when it's not. Most skylight leaks are condensation. Moisture from the inside condences on the glass or frame and appear to be a leak. This can be determined by close examination.

I must ask if you skylights are leaking why didn't you replace them with your roof? That would have been the msot economical time.

Ok so you want your skylights removed...
Get on the roof with a pry bar and hammer and begin yanking the old skylights out. Remove the flahsing kit *You do have skylights with flashing kits right? Not those cheapo "self flashing" skylights.)

After the flashing kit is off tear about 1' of shingles from around the skylight. No the shingles can't be reused just tear them and toss them.

Unfasten the skylight, you should see a flange of some kind after you tore off the shingles. toss the skylights.

Install a new plywood roof deck, if the space is largter than 24" you will need to install some kind of rafter. This will mean undoing the interior framing to frame the rafter properly. Make sure the new roof deck is completely even with the existing. I recommend using NO LESS than 1/2" CDX plywood.

You can use an ice shield or felt paper over the exposed roof area. Try to tuck this underlayment under the existing shingles but over the existing underlayment.

Start shingling. When you removed your existing shingles, you didn't cut a straight line did you? There should be a min. of a 1' stagger. Use at least 4 nails in each shingle but check manufacturer recomendations.

Your done.

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