replace roof


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replace roof

Do you know what month is good for roof replacement, my roof is rolled roof and it is aged but not leaking yet. I would like to replace it now ( I live in Boston ), I am not sure it is the good time for roof replacement. the weather in Boston is kinda cold right now.

thank you
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April - October is when i perfer working on a roof. Rolled roofing would be a pain to roll out in real cold weather. What kind of roof pitch do you have for it being rolled?
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Depending on type of material (you said rolled roofing but that can be steep or flat. Rolled roofing on steep is NOT meant to be a permanent solution!!!!!!!) it depends where you live. Shingles shouldnt be installed below freezing. Always check the manufacturers recommendations. We install from March to December in Chicago, or when ever mother nature lets us.

Now if it is a flat roof, there are so many kinds of "rolled roofing" I can not comment.
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its okay to have a flat roof

First, don't be afraid to admit that you have a flat roof. Nor should you feel that your roof is lesser merely because it has a very low pitch.

Buddy, it's probably best to wait until Spring, because it's just too cold this time of year anywhere north of the equator. Most all and with no exception to my knowledge, roofing products will promote their products to be applied at a STEADY 50 degree F temp.

I know you're buggin' to get up there and slather on some roofing tar, but don't fall prey to some story told by those Chicago mafia fellers like Grumpy "roofing in December". You ain't got a leak, you ain't got no need to rush. Stay in the living rom and uncap a Sam Adams or a grog of that NE brew that I've heard so much of...
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If there is no hurry.......
Wait until you can get 3 days of 80 degree weather.
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Awww c'mon. I'm no mafia. If I was I'd be union! Actually I checked with GAF and they say above freezing is ok for shingles... so don't take it from me feel free to send them an e-mail yourself.
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Grumpy is correct.
Most manufacturers will tell you that anything over 40 degrees will be ok......BUT.....most will also tell you that the sealant that seals the shingles down on the roof needs a few days of 75 to 80 degree weather to fully activate and seal.
So you "could" put them on now, but if there is no hurry, I would wait for warmer weather.
Just my opinion.
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Delerious said it perfectly. "IF" you can wait, then you may as well wait.

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