leak at chimney

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Question leak at chimney


I now have a nice big leak at my chimney. The leak is coming down the inside of the chimney (side that faces the wall. the chimney goes through 2 roofs, 1 at second story level and 1 at first story.

This leak started at the same time as the snow - making me think that built up ice is melting or draining water in the wrong direction, and poor flashing at the chimney is letting in the water.

BUT ---

today I went on the lower roof and there was no ice or snow at the base of the chimney there, and the one side I could see up high has none either!!!

So where is this water coming from?

It's coming in pretty quickly, a drop about every 10 seconds into
the bucket I've set out.

Could the exhaust from the furnace somehow be creating condensation?

thanks for any help you can provide...
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Hi trance

Is it possible for you to look in the attic? Do you have ventilation in both the soffit area and the roof? Do you have the proper amount of insulation? Check for condensation on the sheathing or black stains on the sheathing and insulation from previous years. The way you describe your chimney I think it runs along the exterior wall up two stories so it may be difficult to see the flashing from the interior but it would be worth looking at.
It may be snow melting above the chimney area and the water running into a hole in the chimney flashing. If that is the case you have warm air entering your attic melting the snowon the roof which is a sign of both inadequate ventilation and or insulation. The exhaust from the furnace should be vented to the exterior and normally would not cause this. Let us know what you find.
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You got to check it out

Im with you here I think ice dam but where and how. Id look around the cricket there first behind the chimney. Then check on the step shingles and see if the counter flashing covers them good. It could be that the ice dam backs up the water that it goes into the brick and runs down by hydraulics. I know water will come into a home this way from a bad chimney cap also. ED
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I agree with both of these guys. Remember water follows the path of least resistance. This means it rolls down until it cant roll anymore. It may be coming in womwhere else and rolling along the attic framing.

Peek around in your attic, if at all possible. You will find the leak that way.

Another thing to remember if you have improper ventilation in the attic, condensation can sometimes form and freeze. When the condensation freezes it will then thaw and appear like a leak but really it's not a leak!

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