Ridge Board - definition?

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Ridge Board - definition?

Hi All,

Would someone please explain to me what the real definition of a ridge board is? I know by webster it's "A horizontal board that serves as the apex of the roof structure." but that doesn't tell me much.

Is this a nonstructural board?

Is there a proper way to determine it's width and height based on the type/size/rise/run/etc of your roof? If so, does anyone know the calculation?

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I will try to explain it to you. In years past when everything was built with rafters, the ridge board was the board at the peak where the rafters were nailed to from each side at a peak. As a rule they were 2x6's, but in some large barns they were 2x8's.
They ran from one side of the roof to the other at the peak. When trusses came into fashion, ridge boards were no longer needed, since trusses come in one piece. There is no calculation for ridge boards. The calculations were for the rafters which nailed into them. Hope this helps.
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Hi darianw
Here is a web page that shows youhttp://www.blackanddecker.com/projectcenter/documentview.aspx?DOC_ID=p_2_99_23768_23775_23790.html
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Thanks for your replies!

I realize that today's construction usually relies on pre-built trusses. When I build a house, that's what I'll use too. I am planning on building a small workshop, roughtly 18' x 12' and I will be constructing the rafters manually, as opposed to buying trusses.

The books I have purchaced show the ridge board at 1" x 6". The old shed I tore down had 1" x 4" for it's ridge board, but the shed size was only 14' x 11'.

Does 1" x 6" sound normal?

The rafters will be 2" x 4"'s. There are no ceiling joists, but the rafters do have 'cross beams' that connect the two joining rafters together. (can't remember the real name for the cross beam, sorry).

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That 1"X6" for the ridge board will work out just fine for you.For what you have there ED
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Originally posted by Ed Imeduc
That 1"X6" for the ridge board will work out just fine for you.For what you have there ED
Cool beans, Thanks!

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