Are gable vents a good option?

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Are gable vents a good option?

I live in South Florida and am replacing the shingle roof.
I want to make sure that there is adequate ventilation in the attic. I have been told that the county does not allow ridge vents because the roof does not have enough slope, 4/12 or less. I have turbines now but really donít want to keep them because I have to replace them with a cap whenever a hurricane threatens.
I am leaning toward a gable vent.
Is this a good option?
Should I get two vents, one at each end of the house?
Should I use a vent(s) with an electric fan and thermostat?

A co-worker told me I can use vents that would just replace the turbines. Is this a good option?
Can these be electric?

Thanks for any help and opinions.
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You stated that "I've been told the county doesn't allow ridge vents.......". Told by who? Have you checked with the county. A lot of contractors don't like to mess with ridge vents as they're labor intensive. I'd check with the county building department before I did anything. To me ridge vents are the only way to go for keeping your attic cool and DRY. Optimally your attic should be no hotter than 10 degrees or so than the outside temperature. I'll bet your turbines aren't doing that.

Also you need to bring fresh air into the attic from the bottom, soffit vents, for any vent to work.
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Most roofing manufacturers consider ridgevents to be the best "system" out there (they must be used with soffett vents at the eaves).
Turbins and other vents are good.
Most roofing manufacturers consider gables to be somewhat adequate, but are the least efficient of them.

Heat and moisture rise naturally. That is why a bottom to top (soffett to ridge) is the best. Gable vents work side to side. For these to work, you will need wind to ventilate. No windy, no worky.

I agree with Frank. Who told you that ridgevents weren't allowed? I see ridgevents all over 4/12s.

IF the ridgevents truly aren't allowed, and you're not comfortable with turbins, I would go with electric power vents before the gables, but that's just me.
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Ah yes florida. Turbines Id get the darn things off and forget them. They dont work down here and yes you do have to get them off in a storm. You want vents on each gable end for sure as large as will fit. Id put a power vent fan on a tstat in the center of the roof by the ridge. You dont say about vents in the over hang. you also need them there. As for the ridge vents I havent seen one go on a new home here in over 18 years .

What that co- worker ment is there are button vents that could go back on the roof there where the turbines are now .


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