gutter-cleanin' options -- the ol' fashioned way

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gutter-cleanin' options -- the ol' fashioned way

Howy'all doin'. New house on wildly-sloped lot (away from the house on all sides -- I shop smart; Tennessee's a rainy-a** state). 2 story height in rear; can't git good ladder footing either. Appears only option is goin' onto roof, approachin' the edge cautiously and reachin' down to scoop -- the most dangerous way. No medical coverage right now. Anybody got any recommendations? Thanks y'all.
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Have you looked into the gutter cleaner that they have out now. They go on the end of your hose. from the ground they go up and make a upside down u. Are you can turn them and they will work with you on the roof BACK from the edge WAl-mart. Home depot and Lowes all have had them.

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Gutter Cleaning

I am tired of cleaning out my gutters, so I have finally looked into some products. I got an estimate from a company called LEaf Guard that blew me away...over 3000 dollars. I have looked into a few companies like Gutter Shut, Gutter Filter and Waterfall that are much less expensive...does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks.

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I put a product on my house last year called GutterStuff. I was so impressed with the product that I became a distributor of the product. GutterStuff keeps out all debris and is simple to install.

GutterStuff was on the market before GutterFilter and GutterStuff carries a 25 year no clog warranty. For further information you can check out my web site at or call me at 570-586-3986.

GutterStuff can be installed by your contractor or homeowner. The only tools needed is is a ladder and pair of scissors.

Good Luck
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great ideas, but...

I also have looked at various ways to leep debris out of my gutters and last year installed some metal screening that kept things out and were on little hinge like connectors that allows you to flip them out and back.

However, and reading the various ideas and comments, I wonder if these are geographically in a snow belt area. Apparently my way caused more problems with catching and building up ice last winter and caused major problems.

So, with things like leaf gaurd or the other items, are these good or bad in winter?

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Hi cowboytim,

I've got almost the same thing here in Va. Two story house, and in the back with basement it's almost 2 1/2 stories up to the roof line at the house center. Each end is gutter accessable. In the center where it's about 28 or 30 foot high - NO GUTTERS. And I'm glad of it. The ground slopes away from the back of the gutter-less area so runoff is no problem.

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Drop in gutter guard..wire mess that sits flat in your gutters is about the most reasonable and best performing I,ve seen.It is made by gutterworld in Georgia.Think you can get it at Lowes or Home depot.

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