roof repair surprises...

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roof repair surprises...

I suspected that the roof on my house wasn't installed properly (back in '93; way before we bought it) appeared that the fascia board was installed too high up so that there was a noticible curl to the drip edge. I pulled the gutter and fascia board off a drip edge to check, and was surprised to find a 2x6 plate behind the fascia board. The other thing I noticed was that the sheathing doesn't extend completely over the 2x6..there's about a 1/4 inch gap. The drip rail that was installed barely reached the sheathing, and definately wasn't installed under the tar paper.

Two questions...what is the 2x6 for (I expected to see the ends of the rafters; is this a normal component of a trussed roof?), and what should I do about the short sheathing? The only thing that comes to mind (other than getting 6inch flashing and making my own drip edge over the gap) is to pull the first couple of rows of shingles, then rip enough of the old sheathing out so that I could nail a narrow strip of OSB to extend the edge....

Anyone else run into this sort of problem?
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If you have a sheet metal shop around there .you can have them brake up a drip edge for you that would fit. Think this is a lot better than pull shingles and all . Some use a 2x6 back there and nail the cover for the over hang to it. this lets the fascia board come down over the edge and cover it. it also gives a good hold to put the gutter spike into.

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This afternoon I pulled off a section of the 2x6 to get a good look into the soffits. Guess how the soffits were strung up? Not by a stringer under the rafter, but by 2x4s strung between the wall of the house and the abovementioned 2x6. This gets better all the time...

I've figured out what I'm going to do, though. I'm pulling the 2x6 completely off, then cutting it to string between the rafters and the house (to reinforce the soffits and give something to nail the gutter and facia into). I'm then going to rip about 4inches of OSB off the bottom of the roof, and replace it with a 6inch wide strip. That'll put the OSB (and shingles, and drip rail) over the facia board where it belongs, instead of an inch and a half behind it....

It's going to be real fun trying this on the high side of the house. I wonder how expensive it is to rent a good scaffold setup....

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