Leaking gable vent...

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Leaking gable vent...

Hi all, I have an 11 y.o. house with soffit and ridge venting in the attic, in addition to gable vents at either end. My problem is that whenever we have a decent storm with any significant wind, I get water coming in through the louvered gable vent, which leaks in two streams along the inner fascia of the wall and onto the drywall ceiling of my guest bedroom.

1) What is the best way to prevent this sort of leak? I believe it is simply from wind through the louvers and screen, but as there appeared to be 2 streams of water, I'm concerned that it may be additionally around the frame of the gable vent.

2) Somewhat related--I've read that having gable vents in addition to a soffit/ridge system can be counterproductive. Would I be best off simply sealing the gable vents from the inside with plywood? (Though my above concerns about frame leakage would still apply.)

Thanks for any and all help. We're new homeowners and would like to address things before they become too serious.

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Leaky Gable Vent

The Gable Vents Do Impede Proper Vent.when Ridge Vent Is Installed So I Would Recommend Closing Them Both In And You Will Aleiviate This Problem...

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