Time required for reroofing?

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Time required for reroofing?

The asphalt shingles on my roof are beginning to curl and I'm considering reroofing it myself (house is approximately 1200 sq.ft.) next year. Is curling a good indication that a roof needs replacing? How much time should I estimate it would take to strip, seal and shingle it?

I've read about shingling frequently on the list, but what's the best tool and method to strip a roof of the old shingles?

Also, I'd like to install a ridge vent. Is this something one can do fairly easily?

Thanks in advance!
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Let's just hope you are a real "handy guy"

Yes, curling is a sing of advanced aging of the shingles. It is also a sign of improper or inadequate attic ventilation.

Ridge vent is a fairly simple application however; the key to ventilation is you need an equal amount of intake (soffit vents) as you have exhaust (ridge vent), and a clear path between the soffit and ridge. The rule of thumb is 1 to 150. that's 1 square foot of ventilation for 150 square feet of attic space. So you need to be in the 8 sq. ft. neighborhood.

Hard to tell how long it would take. A roofing crew will do it in 1 day. An inexperienced homeowner......3 to 5 days. And a dumpster sitting in your diveway for a few days which is a priveledge you get to pay around $300 for.
Invite some friends over to help, and you could do it in a weekend.
(this option requires you to buy the beer and BBQ)

Best stripping tool is a tear-off shovel (found at Home Depot or Lowe's), or a good stiff gardening fork.

Good Luck!
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how many layers do you have on now? I ask because you may be causing yourself (and your BBQ eating buddies ) alot of unnecessary work. Check local codes but where I live you don't have to tear off until your putting on #3...i.e if you have 2 layers...they gotta come off before the new one. But may be more where you live...I've seen tear off before #4
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True, you can have multiple layers in most municipalities.
However, I always recommend complete removal of the existing.
Unless the $$$ are the only factor keeping you from doing it.

Why?...I'm glad you asked...
Chance to inspect substrate for damage.
Chance to repair damaged substrate.
Upgrade underlayment. (Ice and Water shield in snow country)
Install new flashings
Additional weight of overlay can cause substrate to deflect or sag.
Multiple layers at eaves and rakes can look bad.
New shingles won't lay flat due to poor condition of existing curled shingles.

It just makes sense to do it.

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