Structure problem with roof wall

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Structure problem with roof wall


I have a problem. Hopefully I could get help or advice from here.

I own a townhouse which has a roof higher than neighbor so there is roof wall and roof siding along with it. Because of strong wind , roof sidings were
dropping so I hired a contractor to strip down all old sidings and put new ones on. But I still can hear some noise also I noticed that there is a bend over in the rack board. so I called the contractor. He came back and climbed up then told me that he found that the roof wall has structure problem. The installation was wrong. Now the wall starts to move and shake which cause noise. He asked me to claim to builder who should take care of it.

I have no idea about it. What should I do? I don't know if what he says is right or not. What good steps can I take now?

Thanks in advance for any advice or help.

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I am not entirely sure what your describing...
What kind of siding do you have? Wood, vinyl, metal? And the wall should not be moving.

I am having a hard time believing the contractor that he replaced the siding on the entire wall and never noticed a structural issue until you pointed out that something was wrong, and then it appeared.

If you are saying the "rake" is sagging... then yes, that is a structural issue. Luckly, it is not difficult for an experienced carpenter to repair. Unfortunately that is a common problem that occurs when the over-hanging rake sags. Usually caused by the framer not tying the overhang back into the main roof structure enough...if at all.

If your townhouse is new enough to be covered by the builder....then yes, have him come look at it.

Good Luck!
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Thanks. I got a lot of information out of your reply.

The siding is vinyl. Our house is 7 years old.

You are right. I was puzzled by my contractor. Why the hell they didn't point out in the first place or at least he should let me fix the sturcture problem before he did the fix.

You seems familar with the roof construction.
I found the problem because I noticted two things:
1. In the master bedroom which has a loft inside and high ceiling, I hear some squeak noise.
2. From outside, using telescope, I can see some bend over on the rack board (or rip?) not sure how to call it. But I am sure that some thing is trying to protrude outwards and break the rack board of roof wall.

You are right. when the contractor told me this problem, I has no idea and asked what exactuly it is. He replied as "The roof wall has installation problem. Now it starts to move and shake." BTW: He didn't do the real job and he brough ideas from his subcontractors. I have 5 year warranty on his job.

What do you mean by rake and overhang rake? By my description, you think it is the proble with rake sag? To fix it, should I have to rip all sidings down or just work from attic inside?

Great Thanks. Don't know if you are professional, I am in Herndon,VA.


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