Floppy shingles causing water damage

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Floppy shingles causing water damage

I have water damage on a north wall after a big rainstorm. The Roofer came to give me an estimate and said the shingles are in good shape but the damage is a result of shingles along the roof edge flapping in the wind, lack of ice shield and old slats spaced out instead of solid plywood sheets as a base. Winter is upon us up in northern Michigan and I need to do something fast.

My question is: How do I secure the shingles along the edge? Would metal flashing 14" wide all along the edge help?

There is always a huge amount of ice on the whole roof edge every winter so I have learned from your site that we have insulation and venting issues. It seems too late to do anything major about it before the snow starts tomorrow.

Any advice would be appreciated.

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You could try the flashing as you said...or try tarring them down till spring, then go for a more permanent fix. Basically anything you can do to keep em down for now is about all you can do. Too bad you didn't know this about 3 months ago huh ...anyway thats all I can think of...flashing or tar, but tar wont be permanent, and will make it hard to fix in the spring, but as it is now, by spring your roof will be the least of your worries...so...anything that works..in short..is the way to go.

Just had an image of a house with a HUGEEEEE tarp over it....lol

I laugh, but that would work if you could keep it down, and if it was big enough to go over the ridge(so water wouldnt just run under it)
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Try getting some tabbing cement from your roofing materials distributor. Hand seal the shingles down until spring. If the ice dams cause it to start leaking, add heat tape where necessary to get to spring.
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Ice Damming

I agree with Jim on the heat tape recommendation. Install it in a wave-length pattern the first two or 3 feet up from the eaves. This will help with the ice-damming this winter. The ice and water sheild and proper ventilation is a must in that region.

However, I am having trouble with your roofers diagnosis of "flapping". The seal tabs of the shingles dosen't really have a whole lot to do with their waterproofing qualities. It is more of a wind uplift prevention measure. In this area are there any valleys, hips, walls, some type of a roof transition or change in directions. A skylight possibly? Your description of the leak only showing up at an exterior wall usually means one of two things...something up-slope is leaking and running down untill it gets to the wall and runs out of room, or if there are gutters and a very limited soffit area, if any, ..the gutters are backing up into the house.

As I said I am having difficulty with a wide open run of roof leaking just because the shingles are not "stuck" very well anymore. I lived and worked in Michigan for many years (still have a place near West Branch). Anyway...I recently replaced the roof on my place "up north" the shingles were not adhered, and there was no ice and water sheild originally, no leaks either..it was just time to do it.

I feel the need to call a different roofer for a "second opinion".
But my crystal ball can't see that far!

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