water leaks under soffits, shingle overhang?

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water leaks under soffits, shingle overhang?

2-part question. 1 - should shingles overhang the gutter a little? Lowe's says 1/2" beyond the rake and below eave but I'm an amateur and not positive - what I need to know is how far they should overhang the gutter?

2. Recent snow filled gutters, even while too cold to thaw water got from the roof or gutter back under the soffitt and leaked down through the ventilation holes, forming icicles in the soffitts. On the side of the house, the leaks then came down the side of the house in a brown liquid, staining the painted stucco walls.

The entire roof and gutters were replaced two years ago. HELP???
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The instructions on the back of the shingle bundles gives the manufacturer's overhang amounts. I never use 1/2" in heavy snow country. I use 1/4", which is what I believe GAF & Tamko say. I will check a bundle Monday to see.
your leaks sound like ice dam leaks to me. When they reroofed your building did the roofers install an ice dam membrane along the eaves? If not, you need heat tape on your eaves.
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1/2 inch on the rake, one inch on the face. if you have two roofs their is no ice and snow shield, you can add drip edge and a bead of calk along the bottom of the shingles in your gutter. if you ripped the old roof you should have ice and snow shield under the first 36 inches of the roof. again drip edge will help keep the wind from driving water under the shingles
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thanks dward and jmorgan 1

you both confirmed my suspicions. and both right - NO ice guard was installed. Guess I'm in for a battle with my insurance company. First roofer on the scene said nothing can be done except tear everything off and start again. For $5000++
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drip edge

I certainly hope he at least installed the drip edge...sheesh
Do roofing contractors in your state require licensing?

If so, check out this guy on the states web site. There will most likely be more complaints of this type. Not only could you have possible legal recourse....you can also go after his license. (if he has one)
In some states contracting without a license is a crime!

If you live in snow country...stick with the 1/4" (as recommended by jmorgan) up to a maximum of 1/2" overhang . 1" is too much, the shingles will sag/droop. And that is past the drip edge, not the gutter.

Good Luck!

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