How to join wooden frame to bottom of alum gutter

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How to join wooden frame to bottom of alum gutter


I have an outside aluminum porch that is attached to a stand alone garage. The gutter is bolted to the horiz beam that goes the length of the garage and the garage corrugated concrete roof overhangs that alum gutter.

I want to erect a wooden frame with windows around that porch and not sure how best to insulate and seal where the frame meets..

1. the Alum gutter at top
2. the Alum corner pole holding the roof up
3. the concrete slab at bottom and
4 the brick along the garage side.

It is mianly to stop rain leaks rather that 100% airtight.

Outside I will use Hardiplank type panels and inside I will gyprock it although not much left of the frame once the windows go in.



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I hesitate to reply, because I'm not quite sure I understand this completely. But I'll start by asking you to clarify what your aluminum porch is like.

I'm picturing aluminum w-pan roof panels that are surrounded by a gutter/fascia on all 4 sides, and the bottom of this gutter is kind of shaped like a box- maybe 3" x 3"? So your question is, how to attach framing to the gutter without piercing the gutter with screws, right?

Then there are the aluminum posts. they have a bracket on top. what is this bracket attached to? some sort of C-shaped beam that runs the length of the roof?

You ask about how to attach to the gutter AND to the posts. I'm not picturing how these line up. It's pretty hard to give you suggestions without being able to see a picture!
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Yes I know what you mean. A picture is worth a 1k words etc..

Anyway, you are correct. It is like a carport that has the sq gutter all the way around and the roof is colorbond sheets going from one gutter to the other side.

The post I refer to is on two corners and in the middle of the horiz side along the length of the garage. It holds the gutter and roof up so there is going to be no stress or weight on the frames I will make to close-in the structure.

The gutter is attached to the side of the square alum post top, by a bolt for each right angle corner.

As the gutter and roof is not supported by the side frames I was really trying to see how I can insulate the top horiz frame beam and the bottom of the gutter and the pole where the frames meet the alum.

The frame will be held up by verical bolting to the posts.

For the top part, I was thinking of some material that slips between the frame top and the gutter and shaped like one part of a swastika sign. So if high winds forced water between them, it would hit the materal and not go inside.

I'm sorry I can't get it more fluent for you. I'm having trouble myself trying to explain it.

Anyway, Im interested in your comments for which i thank you for.



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