Drain pipe from downspouts under concrete?

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Drain pipe from downspouts under concrete?

Is it advisable to have your downspouts drain into a PVC pipe that runs under the concrete in the driveway and out to the street? One roofer I spoke with advised against this, but a concrete guy I spoke with strongly encouraged it.
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If you think about all the things that come off the roof, I would not put the line under concrete. If it ever gets plugged or broken, you will have to chop it out. You didn't say how much pitch (slope from gutter to street) you will have. The less it drops down, the more likely for a clog to occur. Good luck with your project.
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The obvious concern here is the potential for the PVC pipe leaking, once it's all covered up with conrete. But this is done a lot in my area. If done right: the pipe provides positive drainage, all connections are 100% glued/sealed, it works just fine. You'll want to make sure it's configured in such a way that you can clean it out when/if needed.
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It used to be common to have downspouts that discharged into cast iron piping stub-ups that were routed directly to the storm sewer.

However true custom home building is virtually a thing of the past. Cheaper is better, so in an effort to maximize profits builders have done away with it, simply discharging gutters at ground level causing foundation problems, soil erosion, mold growth, mosquito breeding grounds, icing of walks and drives, etc, etc.

Keep them clean and they will serve you well.

Everyone has an opinion and they are all different. The above is mine...
And try consulting a "plumber" about pvc piping.

Good Luck!
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For sure do it. That is what gutters and down spouts are for. To get the water as far away from the home as they can. There are small screens like that you can get and put in the outlet of the gutter into the down spout. This will help to keepdirt out of the pipe.

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I agree as well. underground PVC drainpipes are great, provided you keep downspout screens in the gutter drops to prevent large leaves and sticks from going down the downspouts in the first place.

Biggest problem in my area is in the winter when the end of the pipe might become blocked with snow or ice, causing it to back up and possibly freeze solid. Keeping the end of the pipe several inches off the ground helps prevent ice buildup since it keeps water from puddling at the end and backing up into the pipe.

Be sure the pipes are glued together. Some contractors think they don't have to do it, thinking it doesn't matter if it leaks. But a few years down the road, tree roots will find the leaking joints and can possibly grow into, break and block your pipes.

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