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I am getting ready to reroof a house I purchased. I will be tearing the old roof off down to the decking. Could someone tell me if I have the correct sequence for this job.
1.) Install drip edge around perimeter of roof.
2.) install new flashing around chimney. New covers around all plumbing vents.
3.) Install ice shield 36" from edge of roof. Front & back.
4.) Install felt paper entire roof. Can I leave the felt paper on over night or for a couple of days to protect house or should I use a tarp & put the felt paper down as I go. I am told that if I leave the felt paper on over night or for a couple of days it will bubble & x's with a razor knife will be the only way to get rid of the bubble.
5.) Install shingles.
I know that the install will take time & I want to protect the house while I am doing this project. Would like your opinions.
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You're alright felting it, even if it rains or snows. That buckling, if it happens, will go away after the felt has thouroughly dried out. In fact, the felt usually shrinks and becomes flatter than when it was installed. If left on to might start to shrink so much it starts to pull off the nails. .....nails, the best nails to use are the plasti-cap nails. The felt will pull through plain old shingle nails unless shingled immediately....and staples don't hold that well in high winds, although a lot of guys like to use them.

It sounds like you're right on everything. Just follow the instructions with diagrams provided with the materials and you should be alright.

But, if you encounter something weird, come back and ask everyone about it.
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When installing Water and Ice you should be 36 inches from the house wall. Which means if you have a 24 inch soffet you would put two 36 inch wide strips of Water and Ice from the edge. Also put Water and Ice in you valleys. I'll be reroofing in a couple of weeks because this wasn't done when my roof was installed 11 years ago. I have a ranch home with a 3/12 pitch.
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1. Tear-off
2. Lunch, Shower and a Nap...
3. Ok back to work
4. Ice and water a point 2' inside the exterior wall.(it used to be 3' they dropped it back to 2' seeing as the roll is only 3' wide and most eaves are 12". Run a full width roll centered in all valleys and wrap all flashing details
5. Then metal edging entire perimeter
6. Felt remaining open decking
7. Dinner and another shower.
8. Day two...Shingle... most of the flashings are applied as you shingle not before, as they are interlaced with the shingles.
9. Get a'll need it

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