just about had it... flat roof

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just about had it... flat roof

I have tried and tried, and it is quickly becoming my great white whale...

my flat roof, which attatches to my sloped main house roof leaks.

I """Think""" it is coming in from whe very edge where the gutter meets the flat, but after a couple patches it still leaks.

Anyway, long story short, about how much would a Tar and Gravel pull off and redo with a rubber, metal,or other roofing system for a 22' X 8' roof be?

What if I did the pull off and haul away myself and just let the pros do the finishing and roofing?

Specs that may help a bit...
3rd floor-
entrance from inside building or ladder,
massachusetts, near boston house
22' X 8'
gutters need to go back on or be replaced- they are on all 3 sides of said roof now

I realize it is difficult to say, but i am looking more for an idea than an actual estimate... 1 thousand? 10 thousand? I just have no idea personally.

thanks in advance before I waste someone's time to hear a number I am in no way able to pay for. =)


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Your frustration is not uncommon, but it sounds like in your case, easily dealt with.

First thought is; do you need to repair or replace? More times than not, a leak is entering the roof higher up slope than the lower edge. This is just the point where it runs out of room to run downhill. If it is in fact at the edge, possibly the edge metal flashing is deteriorated/failing, or gutters are backing up, a simple fix.

If the roof is more than 10 years old and a persistant headache....then it is best to just replace it. Costs vary by region, but I can't see it going for much more than $1500-$2500.

Low slope, not visible from the ground or neighbors house? EPDM membrane (black rubber membrane, looks like inner-tube material) can last 20+ years.

Visible from ground? Modified Bitumen Membrane (asphalt based) comes in many different colors to match the existing main house roof, standard is black or white. Also a 20+ yr option

Premium system...Standing Seam Metal...50+ years, however the cost just tripled.

Many options.....

Good Luck!
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If your actual flat area is 22 by 8, or 176 sq. ft.......around here that might run $300-400 per square. 176 sq. ft. would probably be called 3 "squares" due to the "waste factor" and actuall additional materials used on the flashing details. But, depending on how much other work is required if tying in with ajoining pitched roof, any redecking of potential rot....access difficulties....etc. the job might go like this:
3 "squares by $400= $1,200....plus additional tie-in work with abutting pitched areas....maybe several hundred more....if any redecking, especialy at drip edge where you have leaking....maybe more....because access to area makes tear off AND material/tools loading harder, maybe more....because you live in Massachusets {my place of birth}, maybe more....

So, here's a near meaningless guestimate, sent from Colorado, of possibly $1,500-$2,500.....maybe more?

When considering whether someone might consider letting you do the stripping, think of logistics. It's one thing to say "I'll strip it"...but what if there's rotted decking to contend with? What if the contractor is unexpectedly delayed from getting there? What if it's not as easy to strip as you figured, the contractor shows up ready to go with it, and..???? And what if you strip what you think needs stripping, but the contractor determines OTHER stuff needs to come out as well...especially if there's tie-in work needed with an ajoining roof? Just "stuff" to think about, IF you find a contractor willing to consider such a thing.

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