Adding a roof to a deck...

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Adding a roof to a deck...

I want to eventually (one year or so down the line) add a hip roof to a deck that I am planning on building. With the addition of the roof, I hope the deck to have the appearance/look of a front porch, but located in the rear of the house. Kwim? The deck will be 10 x 16. My question, how should I build my deck so that it can accomodate a roof structure later on? Will I need to dig in the future for the posts for the roof or can the posts rest ontop of the deck. Thanks in advance for any insights. Also, the hip roof won't tie in with the existing roof in the house. It will be an extension between the second and first floor of the home.
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If you have any high winds, hurricanes or tornados in your area, you could potentially be building a gigantic kite! You need to think about a couple things. Is there any snow load in your area? The weight of the roof plus a safety factor must be built into the engineering of your roof and it's support. So in short, no, it can't just sit on the deck. You also have to tie the thing down so that it doesn't blow away. And nails don't count. Some sort of anchor/strap system would have to hold your posts down to the foundation. I won't even touch the design aspect of the thing, as that ought to be done through an architect and engineer, and the plan should be approved by your local building inspector before doing anything. But it sounds to me like you will need to use several 6x6 posts per side, set and anchored to cement piers, and that you ought to install them full length (as high as your desired roof height), and build the deck around them, incorporating them into your handrail. You'll just have to look at them for a while until you get the roof built.
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Just a thought, not specific to your question, but over the years I've noticed numerous "add-ons", "additions", etc. which obviously were never built under any kind of permit and of course were never designed by a professional who could insure the structure could be properly constructed.
Have had a structure collapse out from under me, walls
move to such a degree they "popped apart", and other deficincies. I think one of the first things anyone should do when considering an add-on etc. is run your ideas by your local city/county building inspector. They can immediately tell you what's required, what you can't do, not to mention tell you what the processes are in working with them, getting approvals, etc.
And, paying an architect/engineer to design what you want can eliminate problems down the road, not to mention
making your add-on look like it was part of the house all along. You don't want to get half way into the thing, then find out there are a dozen code violations needing correction. But, it's all about money in the end.
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Same issue but have deck.

Bought this ranch with an added "no window" spa room off the kitchen/dining room. Sliders off that room go to a deck on pilons. It also has four 3x3s supporting 15 2x8x10s 7ft up with lattice work on top. Both the deck and shade-structure are 10x10. I plan on closing it (3 season) all in with 11 vinal sashes that were given to me. House is all stained cedar shingle and I want to make the add-on fit the house "just like it seems that you want to do". Wish I could attach a single pic cause I wanted input on how to "come off" the existing roof to this huge overhead frame that exists. I figured that you might get some ideas from what I have because it seemed like the previous owner worked hard to do it right... then sold it. Seems like good input to go to the town/city but it is tough when no one else seems to. I see those "crumpling" structures (mentioned earlier) all around the community so that input has value. (need to get my web page up so I can hyperlink to pics). Hope I'm not stepping on your thread. Be happy to send a pic if your interested.

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