Leaky roof, numerous complaints, no fix

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Leaky roof, numerous complaints, no fix

I had a roof put on 2 years ago and have experienced a continual leak in my kitchen almost immediately after the roof was finished.

I have a tar roof on the highest level and I'm not sure what type on the lower 2 roofs but I believe they are rubber.

It looks like this area has been leaking for long than I've lived there because the wood in the kitchen roof is rotted and water-damaged.

I continue to call the roofing company and they eventually come out, put tar around but the leak continues.

At this point, what can I do to get them to fix the roof? Should I contact the housing permit dept in my area? Any other agencies to contact to get them to fix it?

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I would call another roofer, and save yourself some grief. Your roof was done 2 years ago, and since after several visits by your roofer it still leaks, I would recommand a fresh new look at your problem. Good Luck
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I agree with Jack. Even if these guys you're dealing with are the ones who installed the leaky roof, it's obvious they don't have what it takes to fix it {whether through incompetency, or "other"}.

There are no government "agencies" I know of that can "make" a roofer fix a leak.....unless this was to involve the permit itself somehow...such as if the roofers had pulled a permit, done the job, and before the job was passed by the inspector...it leaked. THEN you could probably have some motivation/reason for the inspector to get involved.

In addition to any grief you may have suffered over this affair, try to accept this as a valuable lesson. As in many things, price, while important to everyone, is a distant second to having the "thing" done right by competent people. Of course, you could easily pay a high price and STILL get a lousy job.

At this point, you'll need to spend some time going through roofers, trying to assess their honesty, competency, etc. What you need if a roofer who can both install new roofs, and fix leaks/make permanent corrections to existing deficient roof systems. There's no easy way to do this. But if not done, you could be setting yourself up for an endless parade of guys sweeping through, charging you every time, and basically fixing nothing. Then your next story might very well be titled: "Help, had many roofers out, still leaking since new!"
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what kind of warrenty do you have? was this from licenesd contractor/ or someones side job? i do side work but i take exterme pride in what i do, word of mouth can get work or none.
you might want to call the better business berrua(?)or your countys consumer affairs department to see if they can help , or consult a lawyer to threaten legal action.
if you do hire someone to do it ask for refferances or call the bbb to see if they have any complaints agianst them
sorry about the misspelings i splashed hot tar on my hand and cant type very well right now
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Hire another roofer to fix the job, then present the bill to the original roofer. Tell then that if they don't pay up, you will take them to court. When they don't pay up, take them to small claims court.

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