Roofing shakes

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Roofing shakes

Hi guys/gals
Can ceder shakes or any wood type shakes that are say 15 years old and
aging more and more everyday ,cupping , curling be treated with spray treatment. My friend told me his neighbor had his 15 year old shake roof
treated and i saw it and it looked new but it was 15 years old. he said the guy paid $5,000 for it . would it not be better off to just pay for a new roof ?
Is it worth treating if it is that old anyway? I never knew you could do this can someone tell me more about this.thanks
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If it was me i would replace it period.
I dont beleive in spray or roof coatting.
also i would check with some county they ban cedar shake for fire protection.
Also check you home insurance some company will not pay if the roof is cedar
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I recall some time ago ..there was a group selling a "treatment" for wood shingle roofs for fire protection.
After the authorities found out that what they were applying was diluted used motor oil !!!.....They were run out of town.
Be wary of "treatments", what are they using?

A 15 year old wood shingle roof is most likely nearing the end of its servicable life.(typically 12 to 20 years depending on climate and shading) You can perform repairs, consisting of patches spread throughout the roof to replace areas where shingles are missing or split 3 or more in line (a leak). And replacing ridge/hip rows to buy some time.

Good Luck!
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Cedar Shingles

My very best advice to you is to REPLACE YOUR ROOF. Do not get caught in a scam. Your shingles are at the end of their day, and time to put them to rest. Good Luck
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I have seen them die in 12 years (direct southern exposure in Texas, and last over 20, Northern Michigan), It also depends on the grade of shingle installed #1, #2 or heaven forbid you got a #3. The exposure 4", 4 1/2", 5", 5 1/2" 6" ??? Too many variables....
So I will not attempt to make a firm statement. It is not possible to diagnose the action required in this forum.

The general consensus seems to be one of two choices: repair or replace.
Coating is not a viable option in our humble opinions.

And pgtek is right, check with your Homeowners Insurance carrier. You may receive a substantial reduction for getting rid of the wood shingles and installing something with a Class A fire rating.

Good Luck!

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I wouldn't waste good money trying save a deteriorating shake roof. I've seen shake roofs which had been treated every several years, from the start, with linseed oil, and it DOES make a huge difference in their aging. But, once a shake roof is "half gone", it's a waste.

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