Too much ventilation???

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Too much ventilation???

I have 1550 sq. ft. roof area. I plan on installing 60' of ridgevent giving me 733 sq inches of vent area. I also plan installing all perforated vinyl soffit on back and front eaves giving me another 728 sq inches of vent area. I live in R.I. in southern New England. Is this too much ventilation??
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I'm not a roofer but IMO you can't have too much ventilation. The drier and cooler the attic the better. Even in the winter the insulation and not the attic space should be what keeps the house warm.
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I have to agree with marksr, it's commonly held that it's hard to have too much ventilation. You seem to have the right ratio of intake to exhaust.
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Dont like or use ridge vents on a home. In some cites in Fl now they are outlawed by code . With the wind and rain just right they let the water in. Also up north with all the snow they cant vent lots of time and you do need them to at that time The ones with the filters in them clog up with dirt in time and are no good. Id go with button vents at the ridge, strip vents in the overhang. Make sure you have the foam rafter vents in .So the air can get up from the overhang to the attic. Also like and use power ventfans on a tstat in the attic. You need 1 sq ft vent for 150sq ft of attic 1/2 in and 1/2 out. for a vent fan attic sq ft X 0.7==CFM of fan. I feel that the roof of the attic is just like a tent. its there to just keep the rain and snow off the insulation in the ceiling there and thats all so let all the air in and out hat you can.

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im agree with ed too a certin degree, in my opion cobre (misspelt on purpuse) dosent look like it would hold up to a very strong wind
alluminum grv ridge vent is okay in my county (pasco), i perfere to screw it down with wood grip screws with the neopreene washers, didnt see any of thoose come off during last year hurricane season yet they were only tropical storm ny the time they came thru my county ( all 3 of them)
offset ridge vent is very sturdy but sort of ugly

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