repair rain damaged roof over deck

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Unhappy repair rain damaged roof over deck

Hi, I live in Regina, Saskatchewan Canada. I have a roof over my deck that is attached to the house. This was built prior to me living in the house. Rain, and lots of it over the past few years has pushed the eves or gutter away from the header board attached to the joists or roof frame....and now the header board and plywood sheeting under the shingles are rotted. The roof section over the deck is approximately 24 ft by 16 ft. What is the best way to repair this? I know that I will likely have to replace the first four foot section of plywood under the shingles, no problem. What I am worried about is the rest of the roof over the deck. Am I better off tearing all the shingles off to ensure the plywood and the joists or 2 x 6's are ok? I have a feeling some of the 2 x 6's will have to be replaced too! What about the shingles? Should I try and salvage them or just buy a few new bundles of shingles and replace that whole section? We have been getting a lot of rain and I want to make sure I do this right! Help?
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In regards to all the rain you have gotten I understand being from calgary, Alberta. So I know what your looking for. In regards to what needs to be replaced only you can make that decision. To make a good decision you have to see the whole picture so I would recommend taking off the old shingles.
In regards to doing it right I would not bother to try to save the old shingles as this would prove to be really frustrating as they have probably become sealed to each other with time.
To ensure that this damage does not happen again in the future, once you have replaced any wood and are ready to install your shingles you should install a self adhesive ice and water gaurd on the eaves, this product can be found at your local lumber store with your shingles. It is a membrane that will seal to the plywood roof deck and should prevent water from getting under your shingles and soaking into the roof deck again.
Hope this helps

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