Tar paper and rain question

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Tar paper and rain question

Building a detatched garage and got the tar paper down last weekend. Of course last night we had a thunderstorm roll through with 50 mph wind gusts, which promptly peeled up the next to top row of the tar paper. I assume I now have water underneath the tar paper below that area. Do I just not worry about it and let it dry out for several days before shingling? How is that normally handled, since I have seen the same thing at construction sites? Obviously that section needs to be replaced, but what about the stuff lower down on the roof. Sheathing is OSB if that matters.

Also, how dry do things need to be for shingling? I assume you don't want any moisture under the shingles, but in a practical sense, how do you deal with the daily storms in the summer? If I shingle part of the roof one day, do I need to cover the top edge to protect from water getting underneath until the job is finished?

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Have you installed drip edge?

You shouldn't have any worries, although I hope your using tabbed nails to secure the felt. Also if you are concerned about moisture from unfinished work simply use a 6mil poly to drape over the ridge down to the last row and use the bundles to hold in place.

Honestly though, I wouldn't worry about it. Be more concerned with proper nail placing (tar line) ridge vent, keeping consistent overhang on rake and eave edges.

Any thing else, just ask. Local Maryland myself
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Ideally, it's nice if it doesn't get wet. Practically, if it rains before you're done, there's not a darn thing you can do about it- unless you have connections with the Guy upstairs. It rains 300 days out of the year in Seattle, and I'm sure that they lay shingles in the rain. What ya gonna do about it? The little bit of moisture that is in there will eventually dry out when the sun comes out and heats the roof up to 150F.

It pays to take precautions though, since you don't want more water getting under the tarpaper or shingles than you have to. some people will nail extra cap nails on the bottom edge of the tarpaper to keep it from blowing up, since the wind catches the tarpaper on the edges. Some guys will lay a row of felt across the top row of shingles, in case they need to quit before they are finished, making sure the felt is tucked under the parts already papered.

Smart roofers always have plenty of tarps with them just in case. If they hear there is rain in the forecast, they'll make sure the tarp is down overnight, keeping it down with bundles of shingles, 2x4's, etc.

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