Hole punched through shed's shingle roof

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Hole punched through shed's shingle roof

A large storm threw a branch through the edge of my shed's shingled roof. It's a baseball sized hole just about directly in the corner. The hole is on the overhang part, so the interior of the shed is fine. I'm getting ready to sell my home and I know I need to have this fixed. The plywood is starting to rot and no inspector is going to let this fly. I've had some estimates and they're just too much ($400 - $600) for what appears to be a somewhat small job.

Now I've never done any roofing or roofing repair before. I know that I'm going to need to cut out the portion of rotted plywood and replace it with a new piece, then shingle. I think I'm supposed to use a circular saw set for 5/8" depth and cut out the rot ending at the supports so I can hammer in a new piece. Then I can just reshingle following the how to's on this website. I don't care if the shingles match or not, it's just a shed. I'm looking for a good step by step process to go about tackling this. I already have the felt and a package of shingle left over from my house being redone (hopefully it's enough shingle )I have the following questions as well.

Do I have to replace the whole piece of plywood, or can I cut out the rotted part?
When I'm cutting out the replacement piece, how do I know I'ver reached a support beam and can stop cutting?
How far up do I have to remove the shingles from the piece I cut out ?
Are there special nails I should be using to attach the plywood?

Thanks to everyone who takes the time to help me out here.


P.S. I'm also game for any cheap quick fixes. I'm trying to save as much money as possible as I've spent so much money elsewhere getting this home ready for sale.

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just cut a piece out and replace then put shingle back on damage spot
just make sure you cut along the 1/2 the rafter or trust to have support

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