roof vent?

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Daddy Freddy
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roof vent?

i need some help. i have looked thru miles of pages to see what has been said about which roof vent system to go with? i live in north fla and it is hot. i currently have the golf ball turbines- 1922 models. what appears to be a no brainer is the ridge vents system, looking at the cobra vent 11 or the Shingle vent11 from Air vent . what concerns me is all the reports of water intrusion with diff styles of ridge vents. the goal it to take hot air out, not let in water-this causes a whole nother problem. i'm trying to get rid of a problem not add to the list.

ed- what is a button vent? i see you have them and they work? i am looking for a nice image, the golf balls do not work well for this. are the buttons attractive? also- do the power vents work well? i see where some folks have to change motors often?

please helps me with specific info, makers, brands that work , etc... i do not want make a costly mistake.

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not exactly sure what a button vent is but iwould guess it is the type of vents used on mobile homes. they are round or square , the lid of it covers the vent.
they are pretty water tight but not pretty.
ridge vent in my opinon is the best way to go. i dont care for the snake brand
my self. it to me looks like good strong wind could rip the cap off. i perfer alum. ridge vent that is screw down with neoprene washer on the screw every foot.
all laps should be 4 to 6 inches and caulked. end plugs should be 2 inches in and the metal ends should be cut and folded as a precaution.
i live near st. pete and this works very well in our area
also vents will not work, if your soffit is not vnted ( heat rises). on some older homes your soffit may appear to be vented because they added it years later
and above it is unvented soffit. some thing you may to check?
prower vents are great also, but a combination of the vents defeats the purpose. also a big seller in our area is the solar powerd vents.

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thanks sean for your thoughts. i really appreciate it i was hoping to get several views, guess not? forums are a great way to get needed info from folks with knowledge. i need to find another forum.

see ya

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