protecting walls from moisture and pests

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protecting walls from moisture and pests

Hello all;

I have an old farm house witch has terrible grading, in fact the previous owner actually dug trenches that direct the water right up too the foundation. In order to get a good slope away from the house I will have to raise the soil leval about 1 foot above the foundation onto the wooden exterior walls. I am looking for suggestions on how to best protect the walls from moisture and pests, I have already treated the walls with wood preservative but I would like to install some kind of solid barrier between the walls and the dirt. thanks for your suggestions.
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protecting walls from moisture and pests

Don't do it. This would make the house worthless when you go to sell it. It may not even last that long.

Dig a trench to get the water away from the house. There must be some area that is lower than the house unless the house just was droppped there by accident.

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am going to do it.

Hi Concrete;

Let me be a bit more spacific. This old farm house is on the property that we purchased to live on until we are no longer living. If you figure what we would have paid for the property without the house, it works out to be a seven or eight thousand dollar house to begin with. We plan to build a new house out back eventually anyway so I am not worried about resale value or longevity.

About the grade
The house sits about 6 feet below the highest point in the area, from the highest point the land drops off about three feet over about 500 yards north by northeast across a tillable streatch. It then comes to a point where the grade drops off about three more feet at it's highest point witch is out by the road on west side of house, this section runs out flat about 100 yards east of that point, there is a slight ditch running along it. This was created when they graded the yard leval for the house, it is a sharp drop. from there it is about 30 feet north to the house, there is a slight drop in grade accross that space, plus they dug a trench right from this ditch to the corner of the foundation. From the ditch along the road on the west side, it is about 40 feet to the house, with a slight east northeast grade accross the yard. this causes a great deal of water to run directly to the southwest corner of the house, witch is low on the whole south and west sides, and flat about 50 yards on the east side, slight drop over to the drive way on the north side.

I plan on installing drainage around the house, but I do not want 50,000 gallons of runoff flowing past the basement walls every time it rains. It is hard enough to deal with the runoff from the roof alone. the only option is to slope the grade away from the house twards the two ditches to make the water drain around the yard. If this is not done the house is going to rot away from moisture any way, dirt on the walls or not.

I know there is a way to do this because I have read of a system of building underground or bermed wooden structures before. Perhaps a strip of EPDM sealed arounnd the wall down onto the foundation? I am searching for better suggestions. thanks

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