Asphalt shingles blowing off -HELP !!!

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Question Asphalt shingles blowing off -HELP !!!

Here is the problem, my asphalt roof is 6 years old and due to some high winds here in Massachusetts I have just lost 2 shingles on my roof. This is the second time in 1 1/2 years this has happened. The first time about 6 shingles came off. I had a roofing contractor repair it the first time, but he used different colored shingles. (He must have been color blind!)

1) I need to fix the current problem.

2) When the builder had the roofer install the roof, there was no felt paper installed, and I also there maybe no ice dam material either. Should there always be paper??

3) Any suggestions to fixing it myself? (It is up very high, 2 ½ stories). Roofers do not want to touch such a small job. Also the roofer used incorrect nails when installing it. Could the roof be re nailed?

4) Should I just invest in having the roof torn off and redone?

5) Any thoughts on metal roofing, or is asphalt better?? I am concerned with the high winds my roof is subject to.

6) Could the shingles be defective? How can I prove that? Should I contact the shingle manufacturer?

Of course the original builder of the house does not exist anymore, so I do not know who installed the roof!!

I have had no other leaks in the attic.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be great!

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1. Get it fixed, so you can see bare plywood where the shingles ripped off?

2. No tarpaper will void the manufacturer warranty.

3. Not unless you like ladders, feel comfortable doing roofing and have experience replacing shingles. What nails did he use?

4. If there isn't any tarpaper and the roof keeps falling apart, yes.

5. Metal roofing can be noisy. Which kind are you talking about? Standing seam sheets or the shingles? If i was you i would go with 40 year dimensional shingles with atleast a 80mph wind warranty.

6. Do you know the manufacturer info for the shingles? No tarpaper isn't going to help things.
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First of all, here is the bad news. Hellrazor said it all in brief, but I will add a little. You have no recourse with the shingle maufacturer. The shingles were not defective. It is just that they were the wrong shingles for a high wind area. As mentioned you need a wind shingle. Minimum of 40 year, 80 mph dimensional shingle. You can even get a heavier one good for 100 mph wind.
This is a professional job. Not a DIY job. Strip down the roof, new ice and frost, new paper, new shingles. Pay the man, end of story. Your good to go for 20 years. The roofer who replaced a few shingles with a different colored ones was not color blind. It is just that your color may not be available anymore, and also your existing roof has been bleeched by the sun, so it is impossibe to match it. One thing I noticed you did not mention was how old your house is. Also, how do you know he used the wrong nails. Hard to use the wrong nails, but I guess it could happen. So there you have it. There are no short cuts with a roof that will last. In roofing, you get what you pay for. The results are cheap shingles and a cheap job. Good Luck
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Thanks to both of you for your help!

I guess I just need to take the plunge and get it done. Just how much do you think this would cost? the house is a 2 story colonial 24 X 36 foundation.

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