Who to contract to remove old shingles and lay plywood?

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Who to contract to remove old shingles and lay plywood?

I've been pricing out a new roof as we have old wood shake but the quotes (8 so far) are all around 10K which, while swingable, doesn't sound worth it to me.

I've done a lot myself already....build and install cabinets, new fence and gate, sprinkler system, attic insulation. All went off without a hitch because I studied up on each before enbarking on the tasks, like I would do here. Also, having access to a dozen hard working family members and friends means I can get a good chunk of laying the new composite shingles myself done in one day and work 5 hours in the morning myself with maybe another helper every day till it's done.

As I see it, the real time killer is the removal and disposal of the old roof and laying of the plywood or OSB and then the black underlayment paper. I watched my neighbor's house being done and they had the old shake roof off in a couple hours and the plywood and underlayment were down before the first day ended. So I'm not opposed to sourcing that out, but I'm wondering to whom. I have concerns about a re-roofing company doing this because I'm sure it wouldn't be something they'd be happy to do as it's less work for them.

I'd appreciate any input anybody has to offer on this whole idea. Thanks.
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Actually tearing off one or more layer of wood shakes and or asphalt shingles and re-decking is a lot of work!!!

Laying ice and water shield and felt is the easiest roofing task. Tearing off the old shingles is the hardest, then re-decking then shingling as the second easiest task.

As a licensed bonded insured roofing contractor I've only had homeowners offer to tear off the shingles which is the toughest on the body and most time consuming but never offer to just install the new shingles.

As a contractor if both of our schedules permitted I'd tear off, re-deck, and dry in and let you shingle the roof but it would all pivot on scheduling.

Here's what you need to do if you want to save a ton of money since the tearing off is the most costly part of the tear off is this.

Buy some large tarps, 2X4's for toe boards if steep along with a dozen roof jacks, a couple pitch forks, crow bars, etc. Find a place that rents out larger trailers for hauling off the debris. If you have to take a few loads directly to the dump it may be cheaper than getting a dumpster. I run a 14 yard dump trailer so I like it when you can back it up to the house and toss the roofing debris right in the trailer.

If you can round enough hard workers you should do fine with free food and drinks. I never try to talk a homeowner out of trying to tear off his own home. Due to the huge savings it's worth it as a homeowner to tear off yourself. I've witnessed the strangest site while pulling nails while the homeowners my personal friends tore off there house. The fathers job, my Buddy was to drive the dump truck around the outer perimeter of the house while his wife and three daughters, one 16, 21, and 23, one of the daughters girl friends all stand side to side all with pitch forks tearing from the top to bottom!!!
This winter a homeowner is planning to tear off his 58 sq 8/10 10/12 while I shingle behind him!

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