Roofing Q with Picture

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Roofing Q with Picture

I only have a photo of the front of my house...

My roof is way to steep for me to go up and work on dispite that its only a bungalo home.
Half the shingles are missing because the roof hasnt been done in probably over 20 some odd years. I went to look at them with a ladder and there is little tred left on them so its slippery to step up there because the shingles are more like mushy cardboard than actual shingles

I want to replace the roof BEFORE the wood under it gets damaged. I thought about putting new shingles over top but there must be 3 layers of shingles. I guess no one wanted to do this roof right the first time.

How much would it cost to replace this roof.. not the wood under it.. just take the shingles off and put new ones on?
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New roof

You are on the right path, but you cannot put on any more layers. Usually a total of 2 is the limit - either by code or common sense. You have to remove the roofing and you COULD do it yourself, but a good contractor would have it off in a half of a day, unless there is a lot hidden on the back. - Looks like a house I had in Michigan.

I can't give you price, but your new roof will last much longer than it would with the extra layers. Someone will probably chime in with a price and on opinion an roofing over.


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It's hard to tell how big the house is. It looks like 25' across the front, but how deep is it? It also looks to be about 16' from the fascia to the peak, but that's also a guess. If the house is square... 25x25, I'd guess that the total area of the roof is about 12 square. (1200 sq ft) Since it's a hip roof, that figure accounts for a percentage of waste.

So to tearoff 3 layers & dispose, and reroof, including materials, I'd say about $250/sq or $3000. That's my guess.
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Three layers of what? Ripping off asphalt shingles is way easier than wood shakes. The shakes are tiny take up tons of dumpster space and leave lots of little nails to pull out of the decking.

In the past three years one multi-layer tear off was one layer of asphalt and two layers of shakes. I redecked the roof but if I wouldn't of had to my price would have been $400 per square. On another job I tore off three layers of asphalt and one layer of skakes and re-decked it.

Your geographic region has a lot to do with the going rate for roofing. In certain parts of the South a tear off and re-roof can cost half the cost of the same house in another part of the country. Additionally you can get bids that can range from $5,000-10,000 from different roofing contractors.

You cannot go over for a fourth layer!!!

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