conflicting advice about roof repairs

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conflicting advice about roof repairs

I have a 400 square foot roof that is leaking. It is an almost flat roof next to a more slanted roof over my garage. I got an estimate from a roofer who said the roof was shot for $2800.00 He said he wants to rip off the roof and the roof of the garage. There is nothing wrong with the garage roof but I guess the junction between the two roofs could be the source of leaks. I thought I'd save some money and do the work myself and just lay shingles over the existing roof. I went to Home Depot and was told that putting new shingles over old shingles was a bad idea because the old shingles would swell and crack and damage my new shingles. So I decided to rip off the roof myself. I started writing down UPC numbers of tar paper and shingle when a roofer came along and told me that I was wasting my money by doing it myself. He told me that roofing is an intricate and delicate business. He said that you need equipment that heats up the tar. He said cold tar won't last. I was just planning to spread tar that Home Depot had near the shingles. He said he would just lay shingle over the shingles that were already there for $1700.00. I told him that two people had told me that the shingles underneath will swell up and break the new shingle. He said he has put shingle over other shingle before and hasn't had any problems. He said if I wanted him to rip up the shingle that was already there he would do it for an extra $500.00 so the total would be $2200.00.
What should I do? Should I repair the roof myself or not? If I do, do I need hot tar or can I get away with cold tar, if I do need hot tar do I need to rent special equipment to heat the tar? Is it OK to just lay shingle over preexisting shingle or should the preexisting shingle be ripped up? I've also noticed that there are coatings for roofs. Should I just put one of those on instead of new shingles?
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it is possible to overlay shingle there are a couple of factors when doing so first how bad are the shingles on the roof? are they falling apart or is there just cracks in the shingle?
the price the roofer gave you to overlay the shingle is not a bad price for where I live but for your area I don't know
if I were you if I could afford to have this roofer do the job I would.
ask him if he is going to warrantee the roof and for how long at least 10 years on workmen ship. that way if it leaks again its his responsibility to fix it
and don't forget get in righting
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My personal preference is to always tear up shingles and start with a fresh slate on the existing roof sheeting. This way you can repair any rotten decking if there is some and/or see/fix problems areas that will just get masked up adding a second layer.

Also, most older homes were never vented correctly to begin with, so your taking a chance by adding a second layer that the first layer will start to delaminate or curl which will lead to troubles with the second layer. Only way I'd opt for a second layer is if I had the ability to check and repair attic venting AND the first layer was still in tip top shape.

As for your flat roof, to do ti correctly and have it last, seriously consider having a pro do it. Flat roofs are hard enough to get a water tight long lsting seal, and being a DIY that doe'nst have alot of real world experience could prove to cost you twice as much in the long run. And no, I'd personally never cold tar anything. They make specail roof adhesives for the typical rubber membranes that are very commonlyused (55mil rubber) and they also have special seaming products when your forced to joint 2 pieces of membrane together.

Think long term and remember it ALWAYS cost 3x's as much to do it over.

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