Concrete roof tile repair question

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Concrete roof tile repair question

After hurricane Wilma, some of the tiles on the roof are broken, shifted,
cracked, lifted, and missing. I tried calling a few roofers no one is
available to come by, the soonest one roofer told me was three months to
just "take a look" to actually do repair work will be much longer. Some
friends of mine told me a year wait is not unheard of. Even the insurance
adjuster has not come by.

So this morning I went up to the roof, not an exciting trip but have to do
to see what I needed to do. The roofers told me I need to not expose the
tar paper under the tiles to the run too long, after severl months they will
disintegrate. Along the ridge are many tiles lifted up. About 80% of them
were just lifted and moved so I was able to salvage them and put them back.
Now they are pretty heavy so unless we have a strong tropical storm or
hurricane I think they will stay. But of course the cement that held them
together is no longer working. So they are just sitting on their own
weight. For the few that were cracked and missing, I laid down some 4 mil
plastic sheets over the tar paper and used duct tape. That did not work,
duct tape apparently did not adhere well to rough concrete surfaces. So
instead I laid them on the ridge and tucked them under some existing tiles
and it held in place.

Many of the other tiles are "shifted". So I lifted one to see. Underneath
there are a blob of concrete cement, and under that the tar paper. So I
moved the tiles back to their original positions. So my question is, what
was the purpose of the concrete cement? Was it there as structural support
to hold the tiles up? or was it an adhesive to glue the tiles to the tar
paper? Since so many of these tiles are lifted and loose, and I moved them
back, are the tiles still good or do they need to be removed, the concrete
cement removed and new one applied? Now that I moved them back, the roof
looks 80% better, so my other concern when the insurance adjuster comes, the
damage will look less than it really is. Are the tiles that came loose OK
to be just "sitting" on their own weight? Something tells me no. But many
of them are loose now, I can tell because some of them the entire row of
tiles "shifted" as areas that used to be covered are now exposed with a
lighter color. It took me some time to use a mallet to tap each one back to
it's original position.

Heard news the insurance for wind storm will go up 19% by Feb next year with
another hike of 48% later in the year. Thank you Wilma!

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Let's pray you get a roofing contractor to your house soon. The following article may explain some of the delay in getting help for your roof:

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