Lost ~6 shingles

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Lost ~6 shingles

We bought a 11 year old house this spring and have had a few good storms this summer. All day yesterday, we had yet another storm with strong wind gusts (~60mph). Today, we checked out the roof and discovered a clump of probably 4 shingles in our backyard, and can see one or two more laying on our garage. It's a raised ranch, not sure of the pitch of the roof, but it's somewhat steep. Fortunately, the ones that came off are within reaching distance of the garage, so it'd be easy to stand on the roof of the garage and fix the shingles that were torn off in the storm.

My question is this: I have a stack of shingles in the garage left behind by the previous owners in the garage. What's the best way to repair the few that came off... and is there something I should do about any others that appear loose at all? I plan on taking a look around to make sure there aren't any others about to come off as well.

I'm thinking if we lost some from this storm, it'd probably be a good idea to plan on having the roof done next spring/summer... but we're weeks away from snowfall up here in Grand Rapids, Michigan (~90 minutes north of the Indiana border), so it's certainly not going to happen this year.

edit: they are the standard grey asphalt shingles - helps if I give all the info
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Take the shingles you have there. Just work them in line with the ones up there. Lift the top row so you can nail the new ones in. For now and its cold there also get a tube of roof cement. Put a dab under each shingle to help seal the new ones down.

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The first thing I would do is call your insurance man and try to get a new roof. If the wind was strong enough insurance companies have to pay for repairs and or replacement. If there are several areas with missing shingles you can get a new roof.

Another problem is the shingles may not be sealing, try to find out how old they are. If there standard shingles they could have a 20-30 year warranty depending on how long ago they were installed. Up until the mid 90's most shingles came with a 20 year warranty. Now 30 years is more common than 25.

Most shingle manufacturers warranty there shingles up to 60-62 mph for standard shingles. Improper installation can result in shingle blow offs with 30-40 mph wind.

If you have matching shingles you can easily replace the shingles yourself. Take a hammer, nails, hook blade knife and crow bar on the roof with you. If you have only whole shingles missing you won't need the knife. Make sure to pound down all nails or staples prior to slipping the new shingles up into place. Nail down with four nails per shingles and like mentioned previously some roof tar would be a good idea this time of year. While your up there go to random areas on the roof and try to lift up tabs to see how loose they are.

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