Recommended moisture readers

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Recommended moisture readers

My wife and I bought a flat-roof house in the Portland, OR area and there is evidence in a couple of the walls of mosture leakage. My wife thinks that a good investment would be a moisture reader since we have a lot of rain in this area. I notice that they sell for as little as $90 (by Extech) and as much as $1500, on a website that sells those devices. How good are the inexpensive ones? I don't want to pay a lot of money for one.
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Recommended moisture readers

A moisture meter does little good if you do not know how to use it or how to interpret the readings. Different readings mean different things depending on the material (wood, sheet rock, plaster, stucco, etc.)

You probably would be better off hiring an engineer that does water intrusion investigations. He sould have a good moisture meter. Many good home inspectors also have good moisture meters. Mold remediation firms will aways find some problem somehow, someway so they can fix it - avoid them!!

The cheap moisture meter ($100) has a couple of short probes that give you an indication of the presence of moisture (not how much). One scale is for all materials.

The preferred meters are about $500. Mine is a Protimeter (by GE). Delmhorst is another good one. They product lines have models for different purposes and materials. Both of these have the ability to scan a surface to detect moisture in the upper, shallowarea of a wall or floor. They also have probes to insert to determine the moisture contents within the material (small 5/8" deep holes). Also, they have specialized probes (extra $100) for deep investigation of a structure, such as the 5" long probes for EIFS (a synthetic stucco system) that has had significant problems when used on wood frame structures.

You are better off hiring someone instaed of buying and learning how to use a new piece of equipment if you feel you have a problem.

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Moisture reader

Thanks for the information, Dick.

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