How do I know now if it was done correctly?

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How do I know now if it was done correctly?

Climbing into the attic to inspect what I could of the recently installed roof, I noticed that the the sheathing down the entire length of one of the valleys was not butted together and suspected the cuts were made wrong but that the boards were attached anyway - since the sheathing in the other 3 valleys were butted together. There's about a 4" gap where you can see the tar paper all the way down the valley from the inside of the attic. A "California cut" was used to affix the asphalt shingles over top. I mentioned it to the foreman on the job who seemed disgusted with the worker and was immediately and visibly upset about this. Within hours the foreman's boss called and wanted to take a look from inside the attic. His response after viewing it made me more apprehensive than I originally was. There was such urgency in his need to see it but then told me basically, that it was not a big deal - followed by - "Don't worry. If it leaks, we'll come back and fix it." I told him I didn't want a brand new patched roof. How do I know if it was installed correctly, if the gap matters or if I was taken? The sooner I find, the better, as I'm sure he will be coming back today or tomorrow for his money.
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My company has done hundreds and hundreds of roofs, and I have never left a gap like that in a valley. It sounds like they did not want to cut another board. My company would naver have done this. Perhaps you might conside withholding some money until it is to your satisfaction. Good Luck
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In your opinion, what negative effects could result from this? Is there any precautionary remady I might take now?

As for holding back some payment until satisfied; well, I'm paying for a new roof, I wanted a new roof. Certainly I don't want them peeling back 50-60 shingles in 10 degree weather to "remedy" their mistake so they can call it "fixed" just to appease me and get their 100% payment. However, I feel like I have not gotten a "new" roof, either, if this new roof has a high probability of leaking due to being installed incorrectly. Alternatively, how do you figure a percentage of payment to withhold? There are 3 seperate roofs on the house due to varying levels and the gap that I speak of is on the main and largest roof of the three.

What would you consider to be a satisfactory resolution from a third party perspective? - I am very grateful for the advice.
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Even though the carpentry was sloppy, a 4'' gap in a valley would pose no problem for me. Between the valley underlayment and a california cut style of valley your roofing material should not sink into the gap.
I'm not saying you shouldn't persue this, but if you can't get any satisifaction,
a 4" gap probably won't cause a problem but you are pushing the limits.
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Unless someone is walking on the roof...

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