BsmtWaterproofing,Mold,Radon,insect entryways

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BsmtWaterproofing,Mold,Radon,insect entryways

-Most basements leak/seep due to...Outside openings which allow water...Inside and one must go...Outside to fix/seal/waterproof these openings correctly.

Most of the...openings are vertical,step,horizontal,diagonal cracks `n gaps around where gas `n other service lines enter the walls.Water enters from the outside through these openings and will be noticed on Inside of basement at the cold joint,or through the wall itself. The cold joint is where the bottom of the basement wall and floor meet.

Other outside openings which allow water inside are...Above grade/ground level, including open mortar joints,cracked-loose bricks,cheap porous bricks,openings around basement windows(caulk/replace), basement windows with screens/vents,openings around doors/thresholds,where a central a/c hose enters the home,cracks-openings-up `n along the chimney incl`g flashing etc.

Water can also enter onto the basement floor from crack(s) `n other openings in the basement-floor. When a homeowner has NO water coming from the basement wall,NO water coming from the cold joint and Only water coming up through floor cracks/other openings in floor then this problem can often be fixed by an experienced/honest plumber, snaking through the strom trap or possible other other means to free the blockage under the floor.

This blockage can cause water to accumulate and spread under the floor, and eventually Rise Up through floor cracks. When snaking cannot be done or cannot free up clog then the homeowner will most likely need a sump pump(S) to....control the water-level Under the floor before it can accumulate and rise up through the cracks, and it would be wise to have a power back up for sump(S).

Redundantly it is written and said that Most leaks/seepage problems can be solved by simply raising the grade,longer downspout extensions,mudjacking a slab,french drains etc. and hey, by all means try. But what is LOST in this reasoning are several things....Most people`s problems are cracks & other openings below `n above ground, if your Only problem-opening allowing water in is ABOVE ground, then raising the grade etc is not going to seal/solve openings....above ground. Water will still enter on wind blown-longer rains.

If the problem/entryway are crack(s) in the basement wall, then raising the grade etc will Only divert "surface" water 5-10' away. The water will still go... into the ground several feet away and accumulate and spread `n wick in all directions....Underground, under driveways/patios,under where the soil was added,under the downspout extensions etc, and can `n most often will enter the mid-lower parts of the cracks in basement walls and onto your floor.

There is NO Underground bias, No underground slope, but do all ya can `n believe what you like.

Another Point with cracks is, for the handful who are lucky to divert enough water away for....awhile, the cracks are still Open. Open to allow 'some' moisture in which can cause mold. Open to allow Radon gas to enter, open to allow termites and other insects a place to stay `n live in your home. Some cracks occur when `n around the time homes are first built but also from other things including lateral & hydrostatic pressre and tree roots on the Outside of Bsmt walls which can cause walls to crack,bow `n even collapse inward.

What 'exactly' is lateral & hydrostatic pressure? What is radon and how does it enter your home? Mold? How do termites and other insects enter your house? Next post......
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Bsmt Waterprf`g cont`d..

--lateral & hydrostatic pressure, best remedy for it 6th,7th parag`s...


...radon causes lung cancer, kills More people every year than drunk drivers

3.Characteristics & Sources.....Radon gas can enter a home 'From the Soil' through.....Cracks in concrete floors and walls,floor drains,sump pumps,construction joints and 'tiny' cracks or pores in hollow-block walls.


....a smell may Not be present for all molds.

...who is more at risk? pregnant women,infants,elderly,asthmatics,people with a weakened immune system and hey...don`t forget your pets


--Termites, how do these lil fella`s enter?

--Trees & Your Foundation

scroll down some....strong foundations are sometimes damaged by small roots that entered tiny cracks,then grew and expanded the crack.Large roots can push bulges into the foundation wall

--Centipedes `n others

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