attemting to takle roofing

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attemting to takle roofing

Hello, I have new constuction going up and framing is done and the roof decking went on last week. 6/12 pitch roof.
it's getting cold here and I see alot of posts that say "dont worry about roofing in cold weather" and I am just leary that the shingles wont hold up when the spring breaks as we have some pretty bad storms over the winter here in the snow belt.
I use 30# felt and cap nails to hold it down until we get a break in the weather.
my questions are as follows:
1) will the cap nails pose a problem when I start to shingle?
2) the roof is just a plain 6/12 pitch with no vents other than the ridge vent and I used drip ledge on the front and back of house. Do I also need drip ledge on the sides of the roof?
3)I put the drip ledge on top of the ice sheild.....instuctions didn't specify.

any other input you could think of would be great as this is my 2nd time roofing and the first was only a 15X24 shed. (no leaks so
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Asphalt shingles dont seal to each other in the cold, so you might get a few that blow off in the winter. Not a big deal really, just replace the offenders and use roof cement, it all will seal nice in the spring.

The plastic caps wont be a problem.

Drip edge on the eaves should go under the felt or ice& water shield, remember water runs down hill and this way it will run over and off your roof, not under and behind the drip edge. Along the rake, put it over the felt, starting at the eave and going up towards the ridge, slightly overlapping uppers over lowers as needed. This drip edge keeps it so rain coming from the side cant get under the felt.

Hope this helps,

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Kona is right on the dripedge, however it isn't a big issue if you already installed it on top of the ice shield. I personally wouldn't rip it off if it's already on. I have shingled in the winter for 20 years with no problem. I set my temp limit at about 20 degrees. If it's sunney and 20 it's beautiful.
Your cap nails could show small humps if you use a cheap thin 3 tab shingle.
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ok, great!!
thanks for the info. we are in for a big warm up here and it is supposed to get into the upper 30's lower 40's over the weekend and into next week, so I might give it a shot. thanks for the info on the drip edge too. I only attached the drip edge on the back and it was over the felt so rather than rip it off I will put some roof cement over the inner edge of the drip edge to to be safe. the front was just tacked on because I was not sure so that wont be a problem to switch.

thanks again.

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