new to roofing need help

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new to roofing need help

Okay, so I have never done a roof so here goes. I have a garage that needs a complete roofing job, tear off etc. first, I need help getting the materials. Not sure how much roofing material I need so this is what I have. Each side of the roof is about 12' long by 8' high which is about 100 sq. ft per side. So not sure how many bundles I need. Second what materials do I need, Am I looking at the shingles, tar paper and nails and that is it or is there something else I am missing. Is there any type of inexpensive nail gun that will help or is hand nailing the only option if I don't want to by a pnuematic nailer. Once I have this nailed down I'll repost with questions on installation. Thanks
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You will need 3 squares of shingles. 100' = one square. 3 bundles to a square so buy 9 bundles or 3 squares. You will have some left over but thats ok. You will need tar paper, style D metal for the sides, gutter drip edge or the bottom of each side. (Even if you do not put up gutters use it) YOu can hand nail or rent a air nailer and air compressor. If you don't have alot of free time, hand nailing would be better. Just so you have some concept of the size of job you have, for a professional roofer, this is about a 6 hour job.
Good Luck
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-3 bundles = 100 sq feet. So, if using 3-tabs, I'd figure 8 would be more than enough, accounting for waste and starter courses and the ridge cap, and some extras in case future repairs are needed. If using archetectural shingles; which is way easier, faster, and looks better in my opinion. 7 bundles of them and 2 of matching color 3 tabs for starter course and ridge, should do it.
-1 roll of 15 lb tar paper - 400 sq feet
-you'll need 4 or 6 nails/shingle depending on wind zone. So, a 5lb box of 1 1/4"hd-galvinized roofing nails should do it . or 1 box of gun nails, which is way more than you need.
-The guns aren't cheap, $250 or more, assuming you already own the compressor that is.
-a hammer tacker and staples to secure the tar paper.
-some utility knife blades, (the "hook" ones are better but the regular kind work fine).
-drip edge for the entire perimeter of the roof 6 pieces @ 10' each. (8'+8'+12')x2=56'
-I also reccomend a roof stripping shovel. It will take out the nails and shingles with alot less work.
- renting a small dumpster might be a good idea too.

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