Retrofitting hurricane ties during re-roofing

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Retrofitting hurricane ties during re-roofing

I'm having my home re-roofed soon and I'd like to know about the feasibility of having hurricane ties installed while the shingles are removed. The house was built in the 50's, so I'm fairly certain it does not have ties between the wall studs and the roof joists - I certainly can't see any from inside the attic. I live on the southeast coast so I'm investigating all the possibilities for getting greater uplift resistance. The current roof is a gabled roof with asphalt shingles over a plank deck. If I remove a couple of rows of deck planking during the re-roof, is it feasible to install some type of tie this way? The house has brick veneer siding and I'm wondering if it's possible to access the area sufficiently to install a tie without having to remove the brick. Thanks for any suggestions.
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the brick issue should not come into play. if you're willing to remove the roof sheathing that may help depending on the pitch. i do think it is a worthwhile endevor.
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Hurricane ties are installed from the inside. Yes, I know, some install them on the outside. But not me. And not by the mfg either. If you can't get at them from the inside, then pull a couple roof boards and install them. Make sure you use pekoe nails. Good Luck
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I also live on the coast in the southeast and a few weeks ago our county now requires all top plate to rafter ties now be installed on the outside, reason being research has shown that if installed on the inside, and during heavy winds, they sort of roll up and out if not installed on a continuous face from the foundation through to the rafters. I do not know the solution to the question, it would require knowing exactly how your house was put together. If your job requires permits, I would simply ask someone at your permitting facility if it's ok to attach them from the inside, although i doubt it really matters in retrofit. Also it might be a good time to add what builders call lateral bracing and additional blocking to strengthen your gable walls since the house was built in the 50's, there is probably great weakness at that connection and is generally where older home's fail in high winds. There's many many ways to fortify a roof for wind loads. Hope this helps you somehow, good luck with your project.

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