Should I worry about damage?

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Should I worry about damage?

I bought my house in the fall of 2004, and it had a complete new roof put on in the summer of 2002. Last fall, during a very heavy rain storm, a little water leaked out of a recessed light in a cathedral cealing (slow drip for about 30 minutes). After talking to some people at the time, they said if I hadn't seen anything like that before it could have been from the very heavy rain and it was probably fine if we hadn't seen anything before.

This weekend, it rained all weekend for the first time since the snow melted and we heard a dropping in the same room. This time there was a little water leaking from the corner of an inside soffit at the lower end of the same celing. The slow drip lasted for about an hour and then just stopped. There are no visible signs of water damage inside.

The people we bought the house from left the paperwork from when the roof was replaced and I called the company that did it. They were quick to offer to send someone out to look at it and "take care of it". But, I'm concerned about water damage inside the roof. There isn't an opening to a crawl space that I can just look in to see if there is damage. When I asked the person from the roofing company about this, he said since it hasn't been a long term problem and there are no visible signs of damage inside, it should be just fine.

Does that sound realistic, or should I pressure the roofing company to look further? Will the normal venting in that part of the roof just take care of any water that came in?

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In my opinion, it would be realistic that since there is no visible damage or staining to the drywall, that the leak has not been serious enough to cause any damage to the drywall or the framing. The roof sheathing may be another story.

If they can locate the leak, I would suggest that a large area be removed and the roof sheathing be inspected. Roofs that I have repaired (other companies had shingled, the roofs had leaks) that were sheathed with OSB have had large rotton areas, and the OSB rotted away quickly. (2 year old townhouses). The OSB was black with mold and had rotted completely through to the point that if you would have stepped on it, you would have fallen through.

So I would have them check that out, even if it means offering them a little incentive. ($$$)
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I'd Worry!!

I'd worry not only about roof deck damage, but damage to interior walls.

You have now had two instances when you have had water penetrate a relatively new roof. In the one instance, it was around an electrical fixture--not a good situation by any means.

In the second instance, I would wonder where any additional water went to. Did it go inside of the wall and soak your insulation? Will mold form as a result?

I would not settle for anything less than an inspection of the underside of the roof deck. This may invlovle cutting out some of the sheetrock to gain access, but this will be the only way to check where this leak is coming from given what you have stated in this post.

I'd steer away from any person, roofer or otherwise, who indicates not to worry about this because it is infrequent or no inside damage had happened up to this point.
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I hear what your saying. But just so you know, the roofing contractor has absolutely no obligation to you for the roof. You did not hire him, you did not pay him. Now with that straightened out, the roof ing contractor is probably a nice guy and offered to help out. But only to a point. Remember, nothing is free. Damage ? There may be some, there may not. Only the cost of tearing off the corner of the roof will tell, and you have to pay to find that out. Now remember, if you tear off the shingles, the new ones will not match. Since the minor leaks appeared in different places, I would look for a leak on a vent and water transfer. You might take the roofer up on his offer, and have him look at it, but if you want him to cut into your roof, you will have to pay. Thats just how it is. Remember it was reroofed 4 years ago, not yesterday. Good Luck

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