Water behind spike and ferrel gutter.

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Unhappy Water behind spike and ferrel gutter.

I had a new roof installed with drip edge. My old roof had drip edge installed by the previous roofer. Some parts of the roof have a bit of sheething extending (1-inch) past the fascia board along the eave, other places the roof sheething is even with the facia board. When installing the drip edge, my research shows that normall installation requires the leg of the metal drip edge to be installed up against the fascia board. My old roofer extended the drip edge out along the eave where the sheething is flush so that the edge met evenly at corners with the drip edge installed against the 1-inch protruding sheathing. The new roofer did not do this, thus the two drip edges dont meet. In another part of the house, I have an L-shaped ranch and the drip edge along the rake (1-inch protrusion) is out farther from the building at the junction with the drip edge along the "L" of the building which is flush to the fascia. I noticed this when I cleaned the gutters.

The old roof had wider drip edge in the places with the sheething flush to the fascia so that it could be extended out and be even with the other drip edge and still have proper amount of nailing surfce. The problem in areas where the drip edge is butted directly to the fascia board is that the rain water sometimes has the tendency to roll under the shingle / drip edge and along the leg of the drip edge and then behind my spike and ferrel gutter. In the area where the roof sheething overhangs by 1-inch, I don't have this problem since the leg of the drip edge is into the gutter and not even with back of the gutter

Should my roofing contractor have considered this problem since the roof was total stripped and why didn't he install the drip edge like the previous contractor? Should he be obligated to install metal flashing behind the drip edge and into the gutter to prevent water from going behind the gutter?
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Well, I don't know what kind of warranty or contract were involved, but I just had to install drip edge under tarred shingles so that the water would end up in my gutters instead of behind them. It is such a pain to try to shimmy drip edge underneath the shingles with all that tar in the way! Whoever laid the shingles last time for the previous owner failed to put in a drip edge -- sheer incompentence or being cheap, as I see it. I would push hard to have them fix the problem for you.

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