metal verses asphalt roof replacement

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metal verses asphalt roof replacement

Hi All, I live in the Northeast and need to replace my roof due to shingle loss and age. The house was built in 1928 and has two layers of asphalt on a steep sloping hip roof of 3400 sq/ft. The northeast side has three layers and is the side with the shingle loss. It was put on 20 years ago. I have spoken to contractors and recieved estimates about both materials but I would like to do the work myself. I like the idea of metal due to the look, longevity and its snow shedding properties. I have installed metal roofing on a small(450 sq/ft) lower porch roof with less slope and am delighted with the results. The contractors I spoke with tout the product they install as the best and tend to deride the others. My question to all of you is: Is there a website that deals with installaton of metal roofing on a grander scale and which material is best suited for the northeast? I look forward to your input!!
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You might find the following links helpful:

Although insulation helps, in colder climates metal roofs tend to pose problems with ice dams. Too, condensation can form underneath metal and cause corrosion in colder climates. Adequate attic ventilation and insulation are important, as is reducing the amount of warm, moist air escaping into attic from below. Roofing system should have some type of air passage to allow for vapor emission. An underlayment material such as roofing felt is required. Movement of roofing due to thermal expansion and contraction can cause leaks if fasteners are not properly installed. Exposed fasteners with the neoprene washers tend to fail when neoprene deteriorates. It's important that all clips and components and accessory pieces are purchased from the same manufacturer in order not to void warranty.

Most will tell you that to take on a moderate to complex metal roofing job is not a DIY project. If you have all the tools and can read instructions, then go for it. Each manufacturer tends to have very specific installation instructions. Read and follow carefully. While steel is recommended over aluminum, it tends to be more expensive. When choosing a metal roof, read installation instructions and warranty first to determine if that is the system for you. Remember, too, that if you DIY there is no installation warranty.

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