gutter will not drain

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gutter will not drain

18 ft gal metal gutter installed without enough slope to drain properly. gutter's lip is under tile roof and cannot adjust gutter. the gutter is 4 inches wide and 6 inches high and would like to know if someone could suggest a product to fill the inside of gutter to add slope for water to drain.
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I have never heard of a gutter with a lip like that. Are you sure that what is inder you tile is not the gutter apron. the gutter apron is over the edge of the gutter and the gutter is attached to it. Check this out. Other then this you should call a gutter man. Good Luck
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You say that the gutter "does not have enough slope to drain".

Water seeks it's own level. What that means is, a gutter that is hung perfectly level will drain. Gutters do not necessarily need to have slope to drain. You also mentioned that the gutter is 6" tall. I can't imagine that the gutter has 5 or 6" of water in one end while the other end isn't draining. Is the downspout plugged with leaves? Or are you saying that the end opposite the drain constantly drips water, even after the rain is over?

At any rate, I would recommend Geocel 2310, which is a pourable, self-levelling polyurethane sealant that works great for sealing gutters and other seams. Be advised that you don't want to overfill a gutter with the stuff, or you'll have a nice sized lake where the gutter empties. Also, any gaps or gutter seams would need to be prefilled with Geocel 3300 sealant, which has the consistancy of silicone caulk.

If you cannot locate this product, you might be able to find Sonneborn SL-1, which is also a self-levelling sealant that is actually best suited for cement, but would also work in a gutter. Again, you'd be careful to seal up seams and gaps with a suitable gutter lap sealant before applying a self-levelling compound for fear that it might ooze and drip from any leaks in your gutter.
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I dont get why you cant drop it down. Some are made with a roof flashing that hold it on the roof under the shingles. Why dont you just put a down spout on the low end then.

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