Roofer asking for more money

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Roofer asking for more money

When I signed the contract for my new roof the contract stated "tear off existing shingles and haul away"....and "replace decking on house with 5/8 OSB"

The roof is done and now all they have left to do is gutters. The contractor shows up with a "change order" requesting an additional $1500 for "removal of extra layer of shingles....extra decking required to deck flat section of roof."

When the contractor was here giving us the estimate I specifically told him I wanted the entire house re-decked...and the contract says "Redeck house" Now he's indicating that only meant for the sloped area of the house. That isn't what the contract says at all. Also the contract doesn't state how many of layers of shingles they will tear off and haul away for this price. It simply says "Tear off existing shingles and haul away". I specifically told the contractor the house has at least 3 layers of shingles plus a layer of wood shaker shingles--if not more. 2/3 of the house had what I said at the minimum...and another smaller percent had 5 layers total....I specifically said there were a good amount of layers...

They redid a small valley...extended it so it flowed into the flat section without a drop off...they did it without ever notifying me...just did it...he's including this with the increased amount being asked.

My question--what do I do about this contractor asking for more money for doing what he said he'd do for the contract price? Is this someone trying a potential scam? This company has a nice office...lots of office workers...and is associated with the BBB and NAHRI(sp)

The contractor came in January and said the cost of the job would be a bit more than $12,000....BUT if I signed today the price would be $9800. It's amazing the extra amount is pretty darn close to the total of $12,000. I feel like I'm being scammed....and don't want liens being placed on my home if I don't pay him this extra amount.

Any suggestions?
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from what you have posted, the extras are without justification. I wouldn't pay them.

Be careful though. If you do not pay the extras, the contractor will most likey not give you a realease and may even file a lein against your house. You would then be forced to take the guy to court to have the lein removed.
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Im with nap dont pay .If you have it all down on a the contract .

But for $1500 Id go ask a lawyer to look at the paper work Just to make sure. Id also make them give me a lien waver when I pay for the job .
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I agree that if the contract is written as you say they may have done this extra work witout authorization.

One thing you have to be carefull of though is that if this company has been around for awhile there may be a clause hidden in the contract that you were not aware of.
I have seen a clause that says basically that the price quoted is based on a surface inspection and any unseen conditions could change the final price.

It would be worth the couple of hundred to have a laywer look at the contract.
Just keep in mind that litigation could cost more than your 1500.

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