two roofs?

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two roofs?


I am in the process of remodeling the 19í x 23í family room in our house. The room has a 10í vaulted ceiling. This room in an addition to a 1950ís Cape Cod style home. The addition is one story, but with a 2 car garage built underneath (sunk into the slope of the ground). I believe the addition was put on sometime during the late 1960ís or 1970ís. The walls are wood paneled sheets and the ceiling is covered with, of all things, cedar shakes (nailed to sheets of plywood). I am replacing the woodpanel boards with drywall and I am replacing the ďcedar shake ceilingĒ with drywall, as well.
Upon first look at the room, it seemed as if the ceiling was sagging in the center. Unfortunately, I assumed that this sag was due to the cedar shakes and the plywood. Now that I have torn down the shakes and plywood, I was met with the disappointing reality that it was the frame of the roof that was sagging. However, when I took down the insulation I found that there was another layer of different insulation above AND, there were NEWER rafters above the older ones! I should say that the pitch of the roof is
I have come to the conclusion that at some point in the 80ís or 90ís, the previous owner replaced the shingles on the roof and a contractor noticed that the roof was sagging. It seems that their corrective measure was to frame a new roof, at a greater pitch, ABOVE the old roof. While they had the roof opened up, they through down more insulation on top of the older insulation. I should say that the pitch of the old roof may be lower than 10 degrees. Could that be why the roof sagged in the first place? There were collar ties constructed on the old roof frame, however.

I should also say that I am not a carpenter, nor do I have much experience in framing or structural engineering. However, I am more that willing to do the research and try to fix the problem. Will I be able to take down the old ridgeboard and old rafters? Also, if this is O.K., what type of reinforcement will I need to add to the newer ridgeboard and rafters?

If you would like photos, I can post those as soon as this forum allows me too.

Thank you for your input.
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I can picture exactly what has happened to your ceiling and roof. However, I cannot see it in person, and any advise that I or anyone else would give you probably would have flaws in it. You need to call a building inspector or structural engineer, or even a construction contractor to take a look at the whole thing. They will be able to tell you what to do alot better then we can. We would not want to tell you wrong. It may be that this may not be a DIY project. Have someone take a look. Have a good day.

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