New gutters dripping- ?problem?

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Unhappy New gutters dripping- ?problem?

I just had my gutters replaced because my old ones were rotted/dented, etc.
Granted I hired a "non-professional" but he has done other handywork for me before which came out fine (carpentry/repairs, etc). And he's done his own house.
He used ?vinyl but it could be aluminum just doesn't look it- downspouts are definitely aluminum...
Anyways, are gutters supposed to "drip" from their rounded bottom? NOT LEAK- they're not leaking- but have some run off from above it? I'm noting a lot of big droplets gathering when it rains even just a shower (so they're not overflowing and they're NOT clogged)- they recently had a screening put on top- but they dripped before that.
He came back, says it has a couple degree pitch from the center (it's a small house) and even filled the gutters using a hose- he caulked any areas where he jointed them together- but that's not where the problem's happening.
It's almost like condensation would be- yet other places it is clearly coming down from over the edge in a tiny trickle that forms a drop and then falls on the ground or ME at the door.
My brother thought maybe it was coming from the BACK of the gutter since it's an older alum siding house- but when I look closely it's not- it's from the front? Plus, he fitted wood strips underneath any gaps.
Could this mean he maybe got the horizontal pitch correct but it's pitched forward? I mean, they're firmly up against the house though.
Has it been done wrong or does everybody get drops falling off their gutters all the way across? (and I did check - there is water coming down the downspouts too).
I'm confused. I'm sure he'll fix it if we can figure out the problem.
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Id first check and see that the back of the gutter is up under the metal drip edge there .Comeing down from the roof edge. The water dont over shoot the gutter does it?

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